Chapter 294 - Changing the Future (2)

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Chapter 294: Changing the Future (2)

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Ji Fengyan had many gold coins and was generous in her spending. Even though all the items bought and placed in the residence were not luxurious, they were all very delicate and unique, so with one look one could tell that they were not cheap.

All the items already dazzled those few young boys after looking around for a while and it filled their eyes with undeniable envy.

They had still intended on walking into the main hall, but they were all stopped by the guards that were guarding outside the main hall.

They then noticed that besides Yichen, there were many other unfamiliar faces in the residence.

“Yichen, what do you mean?” one of the young boy asked, feeling dissatisfied.

Yichen pursed his lips but did not respond.

“I heard from Senior Lin that you are now following a Master. I thought that it was only a rumor, but I didn’t expect it to be true. But I’m really curious to know what kind of person would use someone like you.” another young boy snorted disdainfully.

Zuo Nuo and the other guards were frowning from what they had heard. Where did these bastards come from?

Did they know to speak properly?

If they didn’t, they should just shut their mouth up!

“But Senior Lin’s words may not be fully trustable, at least your Master’s looks seem to be completely different from what he had described.” One of the young men looked at Ji Fengyan, who was sitting in the main hall. After that Senior Lin returned that day, he said that Yichen had met with unexpected luck and was kept by a gorgeous young girl, but…

Seeing Ji Fengyan who looked pretty in the main hall, the young boys all had disapproving looks on their faces.

“Some things need to comparison, isn’t it?” one of the young boys said meaningfully.

Yichen’s fists remained tightly clenched beside his body. Because of his cowardice, he could only swallow the insult.

Ji Fengyan supported her chin with one hand and looked at the bullies outside the main hall. Her eyes narrowed slightly.

“Zuo Nuo, who allowed them in here?” suddenly, Ji Fengyan said.

Zuo Nuo was slightly stunned.

“Throw them out,” Ji Fengyan said decisively.

After Ji Fengyan’s voice stopped, before those young boys could react, Linghe who was already displeased with them had already asked two guards to carry the young boys out of the door.

Those young boys had never met with such treatment and immediately shouted out loud.

“Let me, I am Liu Shangfeng’s disciple, how dare you be disrespectful towards me?”

Linghe frowned as he looked at the young boy who was kicking his legs in the air and laughed coldly. “I don’t care whose student you are, get out.”

After he said that, Linghe lifted his arms and directly threw the two young boys he was carrying out of the door.

The remaining young boys were also thrown out soon after.

Linghe and his men were not gentle with them and this throw made them giddy from the fall and they did not recover from the fall until after a long time.

Before the young men could stand up, Linghe had already closed the door.

In the yard, there was only silence as no one spoke. Everyone could not help but look at Yichen.

Even though they had only interacted with him for a short time, they had realised that he was very easygoing, except that he should not have been this cowardly.

Even them as outsiders felt angry at hearing the words of those young boys, but Yichen only silently listened and completely had no intention to retaliate.

“Yichen,” suddenly, Ji Fengyan’s voice sounded.

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