Chapter 295 - Changing the Future (3)

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Chapter 295: Changing the Future (3)

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Yichen instinctively shivered. He knew that he was cowardly and had always been the target of bully since a young age. It had caused him to forget about retaliating and being angry. He slowly lifted his head as he did not dare to look into Ji Fengyan’s eyes. Unknowingly, the young girl who was smiling at him had given him an invisible feeling of suppression.

Ji Fengyan looked at Yichen. From a certain point of view, Yichen’s temperament was very similar to the original owner of the body.

They were all too nice and easily bullied, and also the personality that Ji Fengyan could not stand the most.

“Yichen, you were a pharmacist in the past?”

Yichen was slightly stunned. After hesitating for a while, he nodded slightly.

“You like to concoct medicines?” Ji Fengyan asked.

This time, Yichen did not have any hesitation and immediately nodded.

A smile flashed across Ji Fengyan’s face.

“Then you should learn to concoct medicines from me.”

To her, medicines and elixirs were not any much different.

Yichen suddenly lifted his head and looked at Ji Fengyan in disbelief, as if he could not believe his ears.

Learn to concoct medicine? From her?

Even though he was grateful towards her protection, but…

Yichen really could not associate this young girl who was not even as old as him with medicines.

As if noticing his hesitation, Ji Fengyan raised her brows and said, “Are you unwilling to do so?”

Before Yichen had the time to speak, Linghe and the rest were already hurrying him. All their gazes were passionately egging him on, as if it would not be understandable if he had not agreed.

Faced with such pressure, Yichen could not help but laughed bitterly and nodded his head in resignation to fate. Thinking about how Ji Fengyan may joke with him, it seemed all right for him to accompany her in the game.

But Yichen, at that time, had not known that this choice to force himself to put a square peg into a round hole would change his life entirely.

And in the near future, the meaning of the word “Yichen” would totally be beyond his expectation.

But everything was just the beginning…

When Yichen accompanied Ji Fengyan in her “game,” he quickly realised that there were many things he could not understand.

The medicines that Ji Fengyan had produced differed completely from what he had known.

They were not clear and sparkly medicines; instead they looked like mud balls…

When Yichen saw the bottle of elixir that Ji Fengyan had taken out with a huge smile on her face…

Yichen almost wanted to cry for her.

Unfortunately, it was inappropriate for Yichen to be a spoilsport when Ji Fengyan was feeling so excited. He tried hard to forget his past knowledge of pharmacy and started to knead the mud balls…

While Ji Fengyan taught Yichen to “knead mud balls”, she took out all the treasures that she had retrieved from Lei family and Ji family so that she could absorb the spiritual energy in them. Seeing the crack on her inner core gradually become smaller, Ji Fengyan really felt refreshed!

After they had cut themselves off from the Ji family full of people with evil intentions, Ji Fengyan’s life became much more relaxing. Sometimes, she would cultivate her elixirs, recover her inner core, and while she would change Yichen’s perspective of the world, she would also bring the little bat secretly to the Grand Tutor’s residence. She would point at the dark guard guarding outside the door.

Ji Fengyan had consecutively waited outside the Grand Tutor’s residence for three days. She had thought that her behaviour was flawless, but someone in the residence clearly noticed it.

During sunset time, Xing Lou stood outside the window on the second floor and looked at the small figure that was hiding in the darkness and his expression was a little complicated.

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