Chapter 296 - Never Expected You to Be That Kind of Grand Tutor (1)

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Chapter 296: Never Expected You to Be That Kind of Grand Tutor (1)

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The very first day Ji Fengyan arrived outside the Grand Tutor’s residence—Xing Lou already discovered her presence. Her appearance made Xing Lou’s heart quiver; he couldn’t help the swirling sense of speculation and anticipation.

He subconsciously chose to repeatedly enter and exit his residence, wishing to give a certain fellow the chance to approach him.


Xing Lou passed in and out of the Grand Tutor’s residence up to ten times daily, and that sneaky fellow still refused to surface!

No matter what Xing Lou did, even if he went near a particular corner on purpose, a certain fellow hiding in that very corner remained stubbornly concealed.

Over time, the burning anticipation in his heart started gradually being replaced by perplexity.


Was she not here to look for him?

Xing Lou’s gaze stood fixed upon that tiny figure shrouded in the darkness. His wrinkled brows held unsolvable troubles.

Under Xing Lou’s watchful eyes, the main gates of the Grand Tutor’s residence slowly opened. The dark guard was just leaving the residence on official business, his profile gradually shrinking into the distance.

Just as the dark guard passed by a particular corner, the figure who had been hiding there for the past three days suddenly shot out from the shadows. In an instant, it had rushed before the dark guard and pulled him by the arm back into the darkness.

Xing Lou, “…”

The sudden appearance of Ji Fengyan gave the dark guard a good scare. He instinctively geared up for a fight. However, after realizing who the opposite party was, he immediately let go of all intentions of attacking.

The dark guard did not forget that this bizarre young lady was the only person whom Xing Lou reserved special treatment for.

Without waiting for the dark guard to speak, Ji Fengyan dragged him by the wrist to the dark little alley where she had been squatting for days!

The dark guard was dumbstruck. Looking at Ji Fengyan standing before him, his eyes widened involuntarily.

“I am sorry, I know this is sudden, but… I am very grateful for the many times you have stepped forward to save me.” Ji Fengyan saw her own actions stunned the dark guard and immediately came up with a ‘perfect’ excuse.

The dark guard’s eyes widened even further. After quite a while, he finally realized what Ji Fengyan was thanking him for.

At Ji City and the Thirteenth Prince’s birthday banquet, the dark guard had interceded on behalf of Ji Fengyan. However… he was just acting on Xing Lou’s command.

“No need to thank me. I was only following orders.” The dark guard quickly regained his usual composure.

Ji Fengyan smiled. “Regardless, you really helped me resolve some difficult problems. I never thanked you. Do you think you have the time today? Could I treat you to a meal?”

Ji Fengyan’s eyes shone brightly. She had been waiting here for several days, all in hopes of getting a chance to catch the dark guard alone. However… for the past consecutive days, the dark guard was always in the company of Grand Tutor Xing Lou when passing in and out of the residence. As a result, Ji Fengyan did not accomplish her task.

After all…

She was still unsure if Xing Lou knew that the dark guard was part of the blood clan. It would be an erroneous if she unintentionally exposed the dark guard.

The dark guard was astounded by Ji Fengyan’s request. Feeling that something was not right, he automatically wanted to reject her.

However… just as the rejection was upon the dark guard’s lips, a chilly voice sounded out abruptly.

“What are you two doing?” A tall, slender figure had suddenly appeared at the entrance of the alley.

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