Chapter 32 - Raise the Wager!

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Chapter 32: Raise the Wager!

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The store owner raised his brows and glanced at Su Lingsheng, before pretending to be impartial and said, “You can understand it this way.”

“Oh.” Ji Fengyan responded casually as she dragged her last syllable.

Su Lingsheng’s face slowly relaxed and her gaze at Ji Fengyan was filled with indescribable hatred.

The people in the store all knew in their hearts what was going on, but at this point no one would be willing to stand up for Ji Fengyan. No one was dumb enough to offend the female official serving the eldest princess all for a young girl with a dubious background, moreover Su Lingsheng and their City Lord were expected to get married soon so all of them naturally were ‘smart’.

The excitement over the appearance of the dream stone gradually subsided and the store returned to its original tranquility. No one had expected Ji Fengyan to draw a tie with Su Lingsheng.

Everyone including Su Lingsheng believed that Ji Fengyan had only won because of her unexpected luck.

“It’s not easy to deal with a tie,” Ji Fengyan raised her brows and looked at Su Lingsheng’s slightly grinning face, as if she was mocking Su Lingsheng and the store owner’s lowly trick.

Su Lingsheng had never seen such a mocking glance before and her displeasure turned into great irritation. She raised her brows and said to Ji Fengyan, “This round is a tie, so it does not count, how about we continue another round?”

She just would not believe that this brat’s luck would continue to be this great!

“No problem,” Ji Fengyan shrugged her shoulders. In her perspective, all of Su Lingsheng’s tricks were simply childish, setting herself up as a laughing stock, as if a child was playing a game.

Su Lingsheng exhaled audibly and shot Ji Fengyan a vicious look.

“Since we are adding another round of betting, then, our wager also has to be increased!”

“Sure.” Ji Fengyan smiled as she said so.

Su Lingsheng scoffed, did this country bumpkin really think that her luck would continue?

“Fine, if you lose this round, not only do I want you to crawl around the city, I also want you to strip yourself naked and mimic a dog barking while crawling!” Su Lingsheng’s vicious words that came out of her mouth without the slightest hesitation made everyone dumbstruck.

From the crowd’s perspective, Ji Fengyan was only able to win just now because of her good luck, if she betted another round, her luck may not be as good as previously. Su Lingsheng raised the wager so high, that if Ji Fengyan really lost, she would lose all the courage to face anyone after this.

It was practically forcing a young girl into a dead end!

Within seconds, everyone started whispering and many of them snickered at Ji Fengyan for not knowing what was good for her, as she really thought that she had the capability to bet stones with Su Lingsheng. It was completely a suicidal attempt, and now she really had no way to back out.

“If you do not dare, you can just kneel in front of me and kowtow three times, then I shall just let it go,” Su Lingsheng said as she lifted her chin.

Ji Fengyan smiled faintly and looked at Su Lingsheng, “Let it go? Why do you have to let it go? Such an interesting game, wouldn’t it be a pity to not continue?” No one had noticed the smile in Ji Fengyan’s eyes turning into a cold stare.

“Since Miss Su has already raised the wager, I shall not decline. But as I said, I am only interested in the jade pendant on you, I don’t care about other wager, so! My wager is simple—” Ji Fengyan smiling eyes flashed mercilessly. “You can simply kneel on the ground, kowtow to me three times and hand me the jade pendant with both your hands.”

“Sure!” Su Lingsheng did not hesitate at all before agreeing to it, as she believed she could not possibly lose.

Ji Fengyan did not look at Su Lingsheng anymore, instead she turned to look at the irksome store owner and said, “Then, I will be making my pick first?”

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