Chapter 326 - What Goes Around Comes Around (2)

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Chapter 326: What Goes Around Comes Around (2)

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“What’s the matter?” Ji Qingshang asked eagerly.

“I was waiting there for a while and saw the Lei family members enter. However, I was afraid of being discovered and didn’t dare to continue looking.” The guard said.

Unsatisfied with his answer, Ji Qingshang started to speak but was interrupted by Ji Qiu, who asked gravely, “Which members of the Lei family?”

“Lei Ao, Lei Qin, and Lei Yuanxu.”

“Oh? Lei Ao and Lei Qin were both there?” Ji Qiu raised his brows.


“Very well. You are dismissed.” Ji Qiu nodded in satisfaction.

The guard retreated and Ji Linglong, who had been listening by the side, felt that something was not quite right.

“Father, you told the Lei family of Fengyan’s location?” Ji Linglong tightened her brows. From Ji Qiu’s interaction with the guard, she could more or less guess what her father had done.

“Fengyan? I say, Linglong, you are truly too kind-hearted. Do you not know what Ji Fengyan has done? Everything your father has done is for the Ji family. How can the Ji family continue to face the world if we allow Ji Fengyan to continue her wayward actions?” Ji He spoke up from the side.

Ji Linglong started looking quite ill. She had wanted to say something, but Ji Qiu had already carried out his decision and any further words from her would be pointless.

Without hesitation, Ji Linglong stood up and walked toward the main door.

“Where are you going!” Ji Qiu’s face darkened.

With a blank face, Ji Linglong said, “Father, Fengyan is the Ji family’s Terminator.”

Ji Qiu looked irate. He was extremely vexed at Ji Linglong’s repeated defiance.

“You still want to protect her? Ji Linglong, have you forgotten whose daughter are you? Mubai and Qingshang are your real brother and sister. Do you really want to go against me just for that Ji Fengyan?”

“I know, I am a member of the Ji family. Fengyan is the Terminator and the pride of the Ji family.” Ji Linglong replied in a neutral tone.

“What a joke!” Ji Qiu smacked the table in anger.

“You are really getting out of hand. Moreover, you have no say at all in Ji family matters. Qingshang, bring her to her room! Forget about going anywhere else today.”

Ji Qingshang was just preparing to lead Ji Linglong away when the leopard by Ji Linglong’s side felt like its mistress was in danger. It suddenly leaped out in front of Ji Linglong and bared its fangs at Ji Qingshang!

Terrified of the leopard, Ji Qingshang involuntarily took a step back.

“Guards, take this beast away for slaughter!” Ji Qiu said coldly.

Ji Linglong looked incredulously at Ji Qiu.

An amused voice sounded out.

“Beast? At least this beast knows when to protect its mistress. Unfortunately, there appears to be many people in this world who are inferior to beasts?”

Everyone in the hall looked up in shock at this voice. They suddenly realized that Ji Fengyan had appeared out of nowhere and was standing right at the doorway. Behind her stood Linghe and a band of guards all standing proud and erect.

The entire Ji family was stunned. Staring at the completely unharmed Ji Fengyan, they were completely unable to recover from this image.

“Ji Fengyan? Why have you come back?” Ji Qingshang glared at Ji Fengyan, her face full of outrage.

How was this possible?

Didn’t the Lei family go looking to stir trouble with Ji Fengyan?

How could she have returned safe and sound?

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