Chapter 327 - What Goes Around Comes Around (3)

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Chapter 327: What Goes Around Comes Around (3)

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Ji Fengyan swaggered into the hall under the dumbfounded stares of everyone. Standing beside Ji Linglong, she reached out and scratched the leopard’s ears.

Detecting no ill intentions from Ji Fengyan, the leopard offered no resistance to her intimate move.

Ji Fengyan didn’t even deign to give a single glance at the rest of the Ji family, only acknowledging the stunned Ji Linglong.

She had clearly overheard Ji Linglong’s earlier words. Ji Fengyan never expected Ji Linglong, whom she had only met a few times before, would dare stand up for her in defiance of Ji Qiu.


This was what a real family should be like.

“Eldest Sister, thank you.” Ji Fengyan grinned at Ji Linglong. Her gratitude came straight from the heart.

Ji Linglong regained her senses and lightly shook her head while smiling bitterly at Ji Fengyan.

“Just let me settle these matters myself,” Ji Fengyan said with a smile. With that, Ji Fengyan stepped forward and stood boldly before the rest of the Ji family. With eyes half-closed, she passed a sweeping glance across the mean and ugly faces occupying the hall.

Under their facade of dignity and refinement, the inner hearts of the Ji family seemed all vile and corrupt.

“You all surprised to see me?” Ji Fengyan asked airily.

Ji Qiu narrowed his eyes. He suspected that Ji Fengyan had long been waiting outside and eavesdropped on the earlier conversation.

“You are right, we are very surprised. Ji Fengyan, since you have apparently overheard everything, there is no need for me to hide anything. You are not fit to be a terminator.” Ji Qiu knew there was no point covering anymore. He might as well admit the truth and face the fire.

“Right from the start, the Ji family has been very clear that the World-Termination-Armour left behind by Ji Yun should not have gone to you. You should have handed it over a long time ago. However, you were greedy and insisted on keeping it for yourself. The Ji family has tolerated your multiple trespasses but you remain unrepentant. Now that you have stirred up so much trouble, the Ji family can no longer condone you.”

Ji Fengyan listened benignly to Ji Qiu’s lecture with no traces of anger or indignation. She waited for Ji Qiu to finish his speech before asking, “Are you done talking?”

Ji Qiu frowned.

Ji Fengyan glanced at Ji Qiu’s pallid face. With complete disregard for the Ji family’s reactions, she headed straight for a nearby chair and sat down. Shaking her leg nonchalantly and resting her chin on one hand, she slowly said, “I know very well you all hold many grievances against me and are discontented with my status as the Terminator. You all don’t agree with me becoming the Terminator and wish to take it back, but…”

Ji Fengyan curled up the corners of her mouth.

“What has your opinions got to do with me?”

Ji Qiu nearly puked blood in anger at Ji Fengyan’s words. Meanwhile, Ji Linglong was shocked by Ji Fengyan’s willfulness.

“Whether you all can tolerate me is up to you. Whether I want your indulgence is up to me.” A glimmer of iciness flashed across Ji Fengyan’s eyes. At her words, Linghe and company promptly raised the weapons in their hands.

Pointing those shining blades toward the Ji family, a murderous aura suddenly filled the entire hall!

The eyes of Ji Qiu and the rest practically popped out of their sockets. They had never dreamed that Ji Fengyan’s visit today was not just a matter of avenging past grievances.

She obviously had intentions of completely storming the residence!

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