Chapter 329 - Agreement (1)

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Chapter 329: Agreement (1)

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Ji Fengyan casually glanced at everyone’s pale faces. Suddenly, she opened her mouth and curled up her fingers to signal to the housekeeper standing beside Ji Qiu.

The housekeeper was scared out of his wits. When Ji Fengyan had returned previously, he had been taught a lesson by her. Ever since then, he had a grudge with her and had frequently gossiped about Ji Fengyan to Ji Qiu. A possible reason Ji Qiu hated Ji Fengyan so much could also be because of his “contribution”.

But when the housekeeper witnessed the ruthlessness of Ji Fengyan, he had become terrified.

With almost trembling legs, the housekeeper ambled in front of Ji Fengyan, his pale face made it seem as if he would faint any moment.

“Ninth… Ninth Mistress, what orders do you have…” the housekeeper had already lost his usual glib tongue because of his shock. He looked at Ji Fengyan with a dispirited and respectful look, as he was afraid that Ji Fengyan would kill him the instant he displeased her.

“I’m thirsty.” Ji Fengyan smiled at the housekeeper.

Cold sweat had already soaked his back and he had almost knelt down on the spot.

“I will brew tea for you this instant!”

“M-hm.” Ji Fengyan nodded peacefully.

The housekeeper did not dare to hesitate and ran off to brew the tea. Within a short while, he had already carried the tea before Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan took two sips—that leisurely look seemed like she was back to visit. However, the marble floor under the feet was already stained with fresh blood. The warm blood turned cold on the marble floor and only blood stench filled everyone’s nose.

Everyone in Ji family was terror-stricken.

Ji Qiu’s face ashened. The fury and fear that he had suppressed within made him fume, yet he did not dare to speak. Every minute and every second was like torture to them.

Ji Fengyan drank her tea and shook the legs that she had poised. She looked at Ji Qiu slowly and smiled. “Seems like no one wants to talk to me anymore?”


Everyone in the Ji family could only feel blood gushing up their throat.

Who would dare to talk to her?

It would cost their lives!

“Since everyone has nothing to say, then it’s simple.” Ji Fengyan smiled and said, “From today onwards, I will move back to Ji family. But as you know, I was born with a bad temper, so if I behave inappropriately and did anything, I hope that everyone can forgive me.”

Born with a bad temper?

Your temper was ‘good’ when you were still young!

Everyone felt a wave of different emotions, but they did not dare to show them on their faces.

Even Ji Qingshang, who had always disagreed with Ji Fengyan, had also become abnormally well-behaved.

It was not that they could not tell the threat that Ji Fengyan had vaguely given them, but in the face of a powerful figure, they could only swallow the insults.

“I shall make an agreement with you guys first to prevent any other troublesome situations,” Ji Fengyan added.

“Firstly, I enjoy peace and quiet, so please do not disturb me if there’s nothing on.”

The people of the Ji family stayed silent.

Now, even if Ji Fengyan had wanted them to disturb her, they would also not do that!

This fellow was obviously a hidden God of Killing!

“Secondly, I am rather defensive about my surrounding people, so if someone bullies them, I don’t know what I will do, so I hope there come no such time in which someone makes things difficult for them.”

The people of Ji family looked at Yang Jian who was standing in the pool of blood with their pale faces—they already had tear-stricken faces inside their minds.

How could they have the capability to make things difficult given their limited abilities?

How could they have the capability to make things difficult given their limited abilities?

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