Chapter 33 - Stepping Stone!

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Chapter 33: Stepping Stone!

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The store owner kept a serious look and nodded after receiving Su Lingsheng’s indication.

“Since this is already the second round, shouldn’t the scope for choosing widen as well?” Ji Fengyan asked afterwards.

The store owner was elated, he was troubled over how to let Su Lingsheng pick out the better quality rare ores, who knew this brat had actually asked first. One must know that there were more stones in his store than this tiny quantity.

“Of course!” the store keeper said without deliberating.

Ji Fengyan sluggishly moved her lips and roamed around the store with her casual steps. She scanned the rows of shelves, those plain-looking stones to others were instead surrounded with layers of spiritual energy in her eyes.

She also saw the spiritual energy around that stone Su Lingsheng chose just now. Even though it was surrounded with spiritual energy, but it was not nearly as rich as the one she chose herself. This was Ji Fengyan’s first attempt in stone betting, the first round was considered only a trial for her, but now she could clearly determine the value of rare ores.

Trying to fool with me?

It also depends on whether I have such good temperament!

Ji Fengyan circled the store three rounds but still did not choose any stone.

The store owner and Su Lingsheng were already getting impatient from waiting. With one look from Su Lingsheng, the store owner indicated for her to hurry and said, “Dear customer, have you finally chosen? If this continues, it will hinder my business! If you continue to drag this longer, I can only consider that as you forfeiting this round.”

Ji Fengyan laughed softly and her feet suddenly stopped in front of a table. She looked at the bootlicking store owner and smiled, “Don’t rush, I have made my pick now.”

As she said, Ji Fengyan bent down in front of everyone’s eyes and took out an old and broken small stone that was filling the gap at the bottom of the table.

This action stunned everyone present.

However, Ji Fengyan placed the unnoticeable stone on the table without minding everyone’s reactions and clapped her small hands, “I choose this!”

“Pu!” within the quiet store, a wave of mocking laughter suddenly bursted out. Everyone was convulsing with laughter and looked at Ji Fengyan with contempt.

Even the store owner’s mouth was also twitching, even if he was dead, he could also not believe that Ji Fengyan had chosen that broken stone that he had used as a stepping stone for his table.

That piece of stone was left behind from grinding a natural stone a few years back. That piece of natural stone contained a decent ore at that time whereas this remaining stone was conveniently used by the store owner to fill the table’s gap.

Each piece of natural stone could be opened to give only at most one piece of ore. This piece chosen by Ji Fengyan, was not a rare ore and may not even contain an ordinary iron ore!

But the store owner did not intend to tell Ji Fengyan this, and pretended to be generous, “Sure, I will only charge you five silver coins for this stone and another 10 silver coins for opening it!”

Ji Fengyan did not say anything and immediately threw a gold coin beside the store owner’s feet, “keep the change.”

The store owner’s mouth jerked even more vigorously.

What a stupid brat, he thought, and already imagined how she would die later on.

The store owner touched his face and immediately changed to an eager expression to serve Su Lingsheng.

Su Lingsheng glanced at the stone that Ji Fengyan had chosen. Based on her sensitivity towards ores, she could not detect any signs from that stone. Also, from the look that the store owner secretly gave her, she immediately understood and a mocking smile flashed across her face.

A country bumpkin was indeed a country bumpkin.

Right after, with the company of the store owner, Su Lingsheng chose another palm-sized big natural stone from the store. When the two pieces of stone were presented on the table, Ji Fengyan’s stone looked miserably small and could basically be ignored compared to Su Lingsheng’s stone.

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