Chapter 330 - Agreement (2)

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Chapter 330: Agreement (2)

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Ji Qiu’s face had already darkened so much that water was going to drip off, whereas the others had faces that were as displeased as they had stuffed their mouth full of feces.

Only Ji Linglong was about to laugh from Ji Fengyan’s tormenting them. Seeing her father and siblings ashened face, she felt very high spirited.

Without a doubt…

This was the first time she had seen someone who could make the people of Ji family suffer such a heavy setback.

“And the third condition?” Ji He asked with his tremulous voice.

Ji Fengyan smiled and said, “I have not thought of the third condition. I will tell you guys once I have thought of it.”

Ji He nearly puked blood in exasperation!

Have not thought of it?

How was this an agreement with three conditions?

Wasn’t the last condition up to Ji Fengyan to freely decide?

If she was unhappy any day, she could directly decide on the last condition and by that time, anyone would die if they could not meet it!

This time, Ji He and the rest really wanted to cry, but they could produce no tears.

The Ji family that thought they outsmarted everyone had become a joke after Ji Fengyan’s oppression.

Ji Fengyan completely did not follow their rules!

You want to lay down rules with her?

You have to first “chat” with Yang Jian’s three pointed, double-edged sword.

“Do you guys still have anything that you don’t understand?” Ji Fengyan smiled at everyone with a look of “I am easy to talk to”.

The people of Ji family could only force a smile that was uglier than their crying face.

“Since there’s no other issue, then I shall head back to rest,” Ji Fengyan casually stood up and led Liu Huo, Yang Jian and the rest out of the backyard with huge strides.

When she walked halfway, she suddenly stopped.

“Oh, I still have some things outside, may I trouble Second Uncle and Ji Qingshang to collect it for me?”

After she said that, she left without turning back.

Ji Qingshang’s eyes widened as she could not believe that Ji Fenyang actually ordered her like a servant.


Seeing the pool of red blood before her eyes…

It terrified Ji Qingshang.

Ji Linglong silently watched as Ji Qiu and the rest turned sheet white from anger. She left with her snow leopard leisurely from the main hall.

“Father…” Ji Mubai’s lips were trembling slightly as he looked at Ji Qiu with his ghastly pale face.

Ji Qiu’s hands that were holding onto the arms of the chair tightened. His eyes reflected his hatred and even more fear.

By this time, he had finally experienced how Lei family had been tortured by Ji Fengyan’s “unreasonable” behaviour.


They could do nothing to fight back.

“Eldest Uncle… I… Can I return to stay at my father’s place for some time?” Ji Qingshang had a crying face. She was really scared. Ji Qingshang had allowed her subordinate to kill over 100 guards without blinking once. It showed that she had really not placed Ji Qiu in her heart. Now that she had even moved into Ji residence with her guards, Ji residence was most likely going to become her territory.

Thinking about how she had always opposed her previously, Ji Qingshang was dying to escape from Ji family.

“You think that you will be fine once you have left?” Ji Qiu looked at Ji Qingshang coldly.

Ji Qingshang was slightly stunned. She suddenly thought of how besides her powerful fighting, Ji Fengyan also had a title of a terminator. Just this identity was sufficient to crush her to death. If Ji Fengyan wanted to create trouble for her, it was unlikely that even her father could protect her.

Ji family had already submerged into a deadly stillness. What Ji Qiu had said to Ji Qingshang was also a warning to everyone in Ji family.

—And a warning for himself.

The control within Ji family had changed.

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