Chapter 331 - Agreement (3)

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Chapter 331: Agreement (3)

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Ji Fengyan strutted back to Ji residence. This time, no one dared to criticise her. Everyone in Ji residence behaved like as though they had seen a spirit or God and escaped as fast they could from her sight.

No matter how unwilling Ji Qingshang and Ji He were, they still had to follow Ji Fengyan’s orders and move Ji Fengyan’s “possessions” from Yichen’s house.

This was a huge torture for the two money-grubbers.

When they saw chests and chests of precious items being moved endlessly from Yichen’s residence, they had almost fainted from agitation…

Besides the possessions that she had gotten from Ji family, she had also used her stone turning spell to transform a few chests of gold coins, and she also had the precious items that she had obtained from Gong Zhiyu and various auction houses.

Each item had dazzled Ji Qingshang’s eyes.

Ji He had even drooled from the sight.


No matter how envious and jealous they were, they did not dare to touch any of the items.

After all, their lives were more important!

After Ji Qingshang and Ji He had carried those items back with much difficulty and personally delivered it to Ji Fengyan’s room, Ji Fengyan casually waved her hands and asked them to move a few boxes of gold vessels and exquisite jewelleries into Ji Linglong’s room.

When Ji Linglong saw the pile of treasures in her room, she was completely…


But very soon, she realised that this was her little Ninth Sister’s way of expressing her fondness of someone.

When she saw Ji Qingshang’s envious face, Ji Linglong understood. It was likely that Ji Qingshang was full of regrets now.

Ji Linglong and Ji Fengyan did not have much interactions but because she had spoken up for her a few times, Ji Fengyan had devoted all her energy to treating her well and had been generous in gifting her.

Wouldn’t this not make Ji Qingshang turn green from envy?

She had originally thought that Ji Fengyan was only a poor and clueless pathetic girl, never did she know that… Ji Fengyan’s possessions were even more than the ones that Ji Qiu had control over.

Ji Qingshang was dying to hit herself. If she had been wiser and treated Ji Fengyan better, then she could also share a part of these precious items.


There was medicine for regrets in this world.

After returning to Ji residence, Ji Fengyan lived a very relaxed life, especially since no one dared to disgust her anymore.

They also arranged Linghe and the rest to stay near Ji Fengyan’s residence. Previously, the housekeeper who had been hard on them had almost even knelt down to greet them whenever they met.

Everyone in Ji residence were taught a hard lesson by Ji Fengyan and all of them were very well-behaved now.

This made Ji Fengyan feel slightly relieved from her sadness because of someone’s Homme Fatale.

Ji Fengyan also made use of this time’s return to look for her Master Ye Yuan with all the elixirs that she had produced. She also brought the sword that she had ‘changed’ to Ye Yuan.

When Ye Yuan saw Ji Fengyan, he also knew about how she had suppressed Ji family, but he did not mention that to her at all.

Instead, he asked about the effects of her cultivation.

Ji Fengyan honestly told him about the effects during this period.

Body cultivation was a little foreign to her, so her improvement was not fast.

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