Chapter 333 - A Peaceful Life, but a Painful Death (2)

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Chapter 333: A Peaceful Life, but a Painful Death (2)

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Even though Ji Fengyan had moved out of Yichen’s house, the items that she had bought were still there. These days, Ji Fengyan was busy with dealing with people from Ji family, and only asked someone to rush Yichen to cultivate elixir pills every day.

That morning, Zuo Nuo was on the way to bring a batch of medicinal ingredients to Yichen’s place to do so. But he had only arrived at Yichen’s place for a while before something peculiar happened.

At that time, Yichen’s place was already surrounded by the royal family’s guards.

A young woman with a beautiful face and wearing elegant clothes had led her guards to the main entrance of Yichen’s place. That young woman seemed to be only 11 or 12-year-old. Even though she was young, she looked very quick-witted. Her big eyes were fuming with anger. The middle-aged man who was standing beside her looked around 40-year-old and he was also frowning as he looked seriously at Yichen, who was standing opposite them.

“Yichen, you have to be accountable for this.” The middle-aged man opened his mouth to speak with his deep voice.

Yichen, who was wrapped in his black cloak, looked up secretly. Seeing that person who had once respected so much, the middle-aged man whom he had treated like a Master and Father, his eyes were filled with misery and loss of hope.

Liu Shangfeng was the man who had personally brought him out from his hopeless situation, only to dump him into a deeper abyss of suffering.

Yichen’s heart throbbed painfully and uncontrollably. His eyes drooped slowly.

Liu Shangfeng looked at Yichen with an air of superiority. Now that he was the pharmacist serving the royal family, and had a high status within the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, when he saw his previous disciple Yichen, he no longer felt pity for him and only felt disgusted.

“I brought you home those years because of how you were so lonely and had no one to depend on. Regardless of the rumors, I accepted you as my disciple and guided you meticulously, but who would have expected that you would be this greedy. For the sake of honour, you had risked other people’s lives. You really… have disappointed me. Now, Miss Liu’s life is in danger and she will almost die. And all these was because of you. Yichen, if you still have any conscience, know that you should repay someone’s life with yours.” Liu Shangfeng’s voice and cold and emotionless. Each word and sentence that he said was forcing Yichen to a road of no return.

The Miss Liu that he had mentioned was Liu Ruse—the playmate of the Fourth Princess. She was sent to the palace since a young age and grew up with the Fourth Princess. They were as close as sisters, but when they asked Liu Shangfeng for medicine to cure her severe illness and accidentally used the medicine that Yichen had concocted, her illness worsened. The Qin family used up huge amounts of their wealth and connections to try to save her life, but the attempt was futile.

Just the night before, Liu Ruse’s condition had worsened. The Fourth Princess gathered all the reputable physicians in the capital city, but they all reached the same conclusion—she was bound to die.

That day, in a fit of anger, the Fourth Princess asked Liu Shangfeng along to look for Yichen.

Yichen continued to lower his head silently when he was reprimanded by Liu Shangfeng and silently bore all the blame.

Liu Shangfeng took Yichen’s reaction into his eyes and a smile flashed across his eyes.

Then, he turned to say to the Fourth Princess, whose eyes were already red from crying. “It’s also my responsibility. After raising Yichen for so many years, I did not realise that I had brought up a bastard who was this greedy and implicated Miss Liu. I will listen to the Fourth Princess’s orders on how to punish Yichen.”

The Fourth Princess was only 11 or 12-year-old. After she heard that Liu Ruse was about to die, she had already cried for one night and her eyes were still swollen and red. She stared at Yichen and said angrily, “I want his life.”

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