Chapter 334 - A Peaceful Life, but a Painful Death (3)

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Chapter 334: A Peaceful Life, but a Painful Death (3)

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The child-like voice was sobbing, but the hatred in the tone was still very clear.

Yichen’s body froze.

“Come, take him away!” the Fourth Princess took a deep breath and gave the command.

Immediately, the guards behind her walked up and was prepared to bring Yichen away.

Zuo Nuo, who was anxiously watching, immediately blocked their path.

The Fourth Princess frowned and looked at Zuo Nuo.

“Who are you? How dare you stop me?”

Zuo Nuo looked at the little Fourth Princess before his eyes. Seeing her stare through her red eyes, he could not help but feel weak. Despite how young she was, she was still the daughter of the Emperor and the princess of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. It had really taken him a lot of courage to block in front of her.


Zuo Nuo wanted to cry so badly. Yichen was Ji Fengyan’s subordinate. If he watched with his own eyes as he was taken away, it would spell trouble if Ji Fengyan knew about it.

“I am Zuo Nuo, the guard of Ji family’s Ninth Mistress Ji Fengyan.” Zuo Nuo forced himself to continue speaking.

The Fourth Princess frowned.

“Ji Fengyan? I have never heard of her. Get lost! Today, I only want to revenge for Ruse and don’t want to harm any innocent person. Quickly over that bad guy to me.”

Zuo Nuo’s face turned even paler, but he did not dare to back away.

Yichen looked at Zuo Nuo, who was defending him and a bitter smile flashed across his face. He did not want to implicate Zuo Nuo and immediately walked out from behind him. When Zuo Nuo wanted to stop him, he shook his head at Zuo Nuo and walked straight towards the Fourth Princess.

Liu Shangfeng watched with his own eyes as the Fourth Princess’s guards held onto Yichen. His seemingly peaceful eyes were filled with a tinge of anxiety.

“Hold up.”

Suddenly, a voice sounded.

The Fourth Princess, who had intended on exacting vengeance for his best friend, turned around to look in the voice’s direction.

Zuo Nuo looked up to see Ji Fengyan and Linghe appearing in front of the door. His heart calmed down slightly.

Ji Fengyan looked at Yichen, who was held back by the guards, then at the Fourth Princess who was surrounded with people. She immediately understood the situation.

The Fourth Princess frowned and looked at Ji Fengyan, who suddenly appeared. Her large eyes sized up Ji Fengyan and suddenly, she saw the little white deer that was following behind Ji Fengyan.

The Fourth Princess’s eyes shone brightly but very soon, she realised her motive for being there. She instantly turned her head and stared sternly at Ji Fengyan. “And who are you?”

“I am Ji Fengyan.”

“So you are Ji Fengyan?” the Fourth Princess was slightly stunned as she looked all over Ji Fengyan. It filled her eyes with confusion. “Why do you look so different from the people from the Ji family? You’re not good looking at all.”

“…” Linghe had almost spit out blood.

Instead, Ji Fengyan did not care at all.

The Fourth Princess continued, “You’re stopping me to protect this bad guy too, is it?” The Fourth Princess pointed at Yichen and said.

Ji Fengyan nodded.

“You’re right.”

The Fourth Princess frowned even more.

“Why are you all protecting this bad guy? Ruse is almost dying because of him. He is really just a very bad and evil guy.”

Ji Fengyan looked at the Fourth Princess silently. She felt that the personality of this princess was really like a child.

If she was like her sister the Eldest Princess, it would be likely that she would not even listen to Ji Fengyan and immediately behead him on the spot.

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