Chapter 335 - A Peaceful Life, but a Painful Death (4)

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Chapter 335: A Peaceful Life, but a Painful Death (4)

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Liu Shangfeng’s face turned unpleasant as he watched the Fourth Princess speak immaturely. He immediately took a step forward and said, “This Miss, this has nothing to do with you, please do not interfere.”

“Not related to me? And who are you?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows at the middle-aged man in front of her. She could faintly see black aura surrounding his forehead. Even though he appeared righteous, it could not conceal the filth in him.

Ji Fengyan disliked him with just one look.

Liu Shangfeng lifted his chin to say, “I am Liu Shangfeng, previously Yichen’s Master.”

“Previously?” Ji Fengyan laughed softly. “Then you’re no longer his Master, right?”

Liu Shangfeng’s mouth twitched. After he had become reputable, even the aristocrats had to treat him with respect, but Ji Fengyan did not do so at all. Taking into consideration that the Fourth Princess was present, he suppressed the displeasure he felt and said, “There’s a saying that a teacher for one day will always be a father. Even though I have chased Yichen out, as Master and disciple in the past, it’s only right for me to lead him back to the right path after he had taken the wrong path.”

Liu Shangfeng spoke righteously, but it was so disgusting to Ji Fengyan that she almost puked.

A teacher for one day will always be a father?

How dare he insult the word ‘Master’ with the way that he was behaving?

Even though Ji Fengyan and Yichen had not had much interactions, she could tell that he was pure and kind. Despite being cowardly, he bore no ill intentions. If they accused him of neglecting someone’s life because of personal honour, Ji Fengyan would not believe it no matter what.

Moreover, during this period, Ji Fengyan had guided Yichen in cultivating elixirs. Even though it was a short time, Yichen had gotten the hang of it very quickly. Although he did not seem very enthusiastic, it had shown the talent that he had for refining medicines.

Even though Yichen had not mentioned what had really happened that day, just based on Liu Shangfeng’s looks, Ji Fengyan could already guess most of it.

“Since this was the case, if a student makes a mistake, as the Master, shouldn’t you set an example and receive the punishment instead?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows and looked at Liu Shangfeng. She smiled widely as she opened her mouth to speak.

Liu Shangfeng’s face froze instantly and felt extremely frustrated by Ji Fengyan.

“Nonsense! Yichen was vicious and had harmed someone. Don’t tell me I still have to sacrifice my life to help him repay for his crimes. Miss Ji, you’re not young anymore, so you should not spout nonsense, otherwise I will definitely…”

Liu Shangfeng thought that a pharmacist was extremely honourable and was prepared to reprimand Ji Fengyan for her disrespect.


Seeing Liu Shangfeng ramble on arrogantly, Ji Fengyan casually said, “I am a terminator.”

“…” Before Liu Shangfeng could finish, his words were stuck in his throat. His eyes widened as he looked at Ji Fengyan in disbelief.

This brat…

She was actually a terminator?

Ji Fengyan looked at Liu Shangfeng’s pale face. “So what do you want to do with me?”

Liu Shangfeng’s back started to sweat profusely. Even if he was dead, he would not have expected Ji Fengyan to have such a high status.

He was only a pharmacist that was slightly famous, so how could he be compared to a terminator—the pillar of the state?

The title instantly surprised Liu Shangfeng, who was originally still proud of him—terminator. He did not dare to say anything and retreated to the corner.

Ji Fengyan could not be bothered to waste her breath of such a hypocrite. The identity of a terminator was still useful in scaring people sometimes, it seemed.

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