Chapter 336 - Little Fangirl

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Chapter 336: Little Fangirl

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Linghe and Zuo Nuo still felt that the air was tense from just now. But seeing how “overbearing” their Miss was, they instantly only felt pity for Liu Shangfeng.

After suppressing Liu Shangfeng, Ji Fengyan immediately directed her attention to the Fourth Princess.


The Fourth Princess’s gaze at Ji Fengyan had already changed from rejection to… Shining brightly.

Ji Fengyan, “…”

“You’re a terminator?” the Fourth Princess stared straight at Ji Fengyan with her teary big eyes.

“Yes.” Ji Fengyan nodded.

The Fourth Princess’s gaze became even more passionate.

Suddenly, Ji Fengyan felt her head itching.

“You… you… Do you want to be my guard?” what the Fourth Princess said was shocking.

Ji Fengyan was stunned.

Be her guard?

She really could not tell the Fourth Princess’s thinking anymore.

“Eldest Sister has a terminator as her guard… and I really envied that…” the Fourth Princess held onto the hem of her skirt and moved her body side to side coyly.

The Eldest Princess was the princess of the kingdom and also the most doted-on princess. The status of a terminator was very high, and by right, there should not be any terminator who did not join the battle. However, as to ensure the safety of the Eldest Princess, the emperor discussed for a long time with the grand tutor and gave an exception to leave one terminator to protect the Eldest Princess.

“…” Ji Fengyan was at a loss for words. She knew the Fourth Princess was talking about the pitiful guy pinned to the ground by the dark guard.

“Fourth Princess, I think… let’s discuss Yichen first.” the thinking of a child was really bizarre.

Upon hearing Yichen’s name, the Fourth Princess immediately remembered her purpose of visit and her expression became even more troubled.

“Ruse is dying and it’s all because of him. I cannot let him off.” the Fourth Princess persisted but her tone softened a lot.

Not knowing why, Ji Fengyan felt as though she was bullying a child. “What’s the condition of that Miss Ruse?” Ji Fengyan cleared her throat.

Upon mentioning Liu Ruse, the Fourth Princess’s eyes reddened again. She sobbed, “Ruse is not very well now. Many physicians and pharmacists have looked at her, but they all said that they have no cure…”

As she continued, the Fourth Princess started to wail.

“Fourth Princess, if I have a plan to save Miss Ruse, then can you let Yichen off?” Ji Fengyan did not have a choice. She could not bully a child, right?

Upon hearing what Ji Fengyan had said, the Fourth Princess immediately stopped crying. Her teary eyes looked straight at Ji Fengyan and was filled with doubt.

“Can you really save Ruse?”

“I can try.” Ji Fengyan said.

The Fourth Princess wiped her tears. “If you can save Ruse, I will let go of that bad guy and never create trouble for him again.”

Ji Fengyan’s mouth curled into a grin.

“Then, it’s agreed. May I please trouble Fourth Princess to bring me to have a look at Miss Ruse?”

The Fourth Princess nodded well-behaved. Her eyes flashed brightly as she said.

“If you save Ruse, not only will I let that bad guy off, I can also discuss with my father to let you stay in the palace as my guard.”

The corner of Ji Fengyan’s mouth twitched slightly.

She did not need that at all!

Seeing Ji Fengyan communicate with the Fourth Princess, as if she was coaxing a child, Linghe and the rest felt that the image was so strange that they could not bear to look at it. Instead, Liu Shangfeng, who had been mocked by Ji Fengyan, hid in the corner with a panic-stricken look. He had wanted to say something, but he did not dare to say it because of Ji Fengyan’s terminator identity.

[Mini theatre]

Mou Bei: Congratulations little crazy brat, you have gained yourself a fangirl.

Little crazy brat: Can you be any more normal?

Mou Bei: Public morals are degnerating with each passing day — someone had not even let a young girl off…

Little crazy brat: You’d better not be normal.

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