Chapter 338 - Powerful Aristocrat (2)

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Chapter 338: Powerful Aristocrat (2)

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Although Qin Muyao was still young, the Qin family’s splendid reputation had long been imprinted within the consciousness of every single person in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Although he had yet to enter a real battlefield, everyone was already betting on him as the strongest contender for the best Terminator.

Even the Emperor recognized Qin Muyao’s potential. As such, Qin Muyao was not intimidated like your usual commoner when faced with the Fourth Princess. This was the foundation laid down by the Qin family’s many years of achievements.

Ji Fengyan listened carefully and gained an understanding.

However, Linghe’s following words surprised her.

Qin Muyao’s appearance—despite being at loggerheads with the Fourth Princess—was purely for the bedridden Liu Ruse, who was Qin Muyao’s fiance. They had been betrothed to each other since a very young age and despite seldom seeing each other, Qin Muyao had always been protective of Liu Ruse. The devotion between those two was envy-inducing. Their wedding was to be held after Qin Muyao’s graduation and before he went to the battlefield.

Who could have predicted that something would happen to Liu Ruse at this time?

“Are you done talking? If so, get lost.” Qin Muyao’s face grew increasingly grim as he faced the pale-looking Fourth Princess without a shred of consideration for her feelings.

Qin Muyao remained unmoved even when Fourth Princess’s eyes filled with tears.

“What you are doing… are you all really intending to save her?” Having observed for a while, Ji Fengyan had gained some understanding of the matter. She couldn’t help feeling sorry for the Fourth Princess’ doleful state.

Only then did Qin Muyao notice the people beside the Fourth Princess. He looked up at Ji Fengyan, with his frown still in place.

“Who are you?”

Ji Fengyan said, “An opportunity.”

“What?” Qin Muyao was stunned.

Fourth Princess sniffed and pretended to put up a strong front. “This is Ji Fengyan—a Terminator just like you. I invited her over to help as she said she may have a way to save Ruse.”

Qin Muyao’s face darkened at Fourth Princess’s words. He scrutinized Ji Fengyan openly. his sharp gaze like a blade coldly scrapping past every inch of skin.

“Your ignorance is truly terrifying.” Qin Muyao turned toward the Fourth Princess. “A Terminator can heal someone? Fourth Princess, you are treating this as child’s play. If I had known you are so immature, I would never have agreed to leave Ruse by your side.”

“You!” The Fourth Princess glared at Qin Muyao.

Seeing that the Fourth Princess was about to start crying again—on top of which Yichen’s life was still in that fellow’s hands—Ji Fengyan felt a headache coming on. It seemed like she had no choice but to step in even though she didn’t want to meddle in these affairs.

“Whether this is ignorance or immaturity, one can only know after trying. Are you intending to just let her die, or are you planning to give your best shot?” Ji Fengyan looked directly at Qin Muyao, completely unintimidated by the savage aura emanating from him.

It was rather strange. Qin Muyao was still a young man, but his homicidal vibe was extremely intense. Moreover, Ji Fengyan detected a deep red halo in the space between his brows. Only a potent cloud of spilled blood could form such intense halo. From that color, it could be deduced that Qin Muyao had doled out much violence with his own hands.

He was only 15 years of age. Although he was the Terminator, he had yet to go on the battlefield.

Where was this murderous energy coming from then?

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