Chapter 339 - Powerful Aristocrat (3)

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Chapter 339: Powerful Aristocrat (3)

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Qin Muyao frowned and directed his sharp gaze straight at Ji Fengyan’s casual expression. His manner was completely unlike that of a young juvenile; The air of power even surpassing that of most veteran soldiers.

“Why should I believe you? Just because you are a Terminator?” Qin Muyao smirked.

Ji Fengyan shrugged mildly. “You don’t need to believe me. As I said before, this is only a chance. It’s totally up to you whether you want to try. Only—” Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes as she gazed beyond Qin Muyao toward the dying Liu Ruse. “—If you truly cared, would you let her die just like that?”

Ji Fengyan’s words roused Qin Muyao already tightly wound state. He subconsciously glanced at Liu Ruse. Looking at her ghastly white face, he quietly clenched his fists.

He would not… Let her leave him just like that.

“Fourth Princess.” Qin Muyao suddenly spoke up.

Fourth Princess looked toward him.

Meanwhile, Qin Muyao’s eyes never left Liu Ruse.

“You were the one who brought this Ji Fengyan here?”

“Yes,” Fourth Princess answered.

“Ruse is my fiance. I certainly don’t wish for her to die like that. But, if anyone intends to make use of her situation for their own means—and end up disturbing her last moments—I will never let the matter rest.” Qin Muyao appeared to be speaking to Fourth Princess, but Ji Fengyan clearly understood his warning was meant for her.

The Qin family was the most powerful in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Would Ji Fengyan be able to bear their vengeance?

Fourth Princess was no fool and perceived Qin Muyao’s meaning. She looked toward Ji Fengyan instinctively, as if waiting for her to give an answer.

“So… can I take a look at Liu Ruse’s condition first?” Ji Fengyan asked pleasantly with no qualms at all.

At this, Qin Muyao turned his head toward Ji Fengyan, his cold eyes holding not a shred of warmth.

Without a word, he stepped back for Ji Fengyan to take his place.


This was his answer.

Ji Fengyan also didn’t bother saying anything else. She immediately went forth to check on Liu Ruse’s condition. Following behind, Linghe felt a pricking in his scalp.

Although they were both Terminators, the difference between Qin Muyao and Ji Fengyan was immense. There had long been rumors that the World-Termination-Armour possessed by the Qin family was the strongest in the entire Kingdom—only someone with enough power could control it. The Qin family’s natural abilities, coupled with the strongest World-Termination-Armour, imparted them with an unparalleled status. Ji Fengyan was taking a huge risk in trying to save Ruse’s life.

If Ji Fengyan failed to save Ruse, there would be major trouble given Qin Muyao’s character!

It must be noted that the Qin family not only held the usual powers of a noble family—they also commanded the loyalties of a band of extremely skilled and devoted soldiers within the army!

As a result, Linghe couldn’t help breaking out in cold sweat on behalf of Ji Fengyan.

In contrast, Ji Fengyan didn’t trouble herself with all those thoughts. She just walked over to the bedridden Liu Ruse. As she looked at her sleeping body, Ji Fengyan’s easy-going air gradually faded away to be replaced by a serious countenance.

Liu Ruse was beautiful with delicate and elegant features. Deep in slumber, she looked like an exquisite statue. Despite having never known her, Ji Fengyan faintly guessed that Liu Ruse was an exceedingly kind young lady.

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