Chapter 340 - Power from an Unknown Source (1)

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Chapter 340: Power from an Unknown Source (1)

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It was almost autumn, but Liu Ruse was well wrapped up and her robe was tightly buttoned, showing the outline of her elegant neck.

Ji Fengyan reached out her hand to touch Liu Ruse forehead and observed that she was not running a fever. In fact, she seemed a little cool. If not for the gentle rise and fall of her chest, it would seem that she had already gone.

Qin Muyao, who was standing by the side, closely watched Ji Fengyan’s every move. All was quiet within the room and no one dared to disturb the silence.

Ji Fengyan held Liu Ruse’s hand, her fingertips on Liu Ruse’s pulse. She carefully felt the faint beating of her pulse.

“What is the matter… with Ruse?” The Fourth Princess waited patiently for a long time and finally opened her mouth to ask when she could bear it no longer.

Ji Fengyan put down Liu Ruse’s hand and said, “Be patient, Fourth Princess, and let me take a good look.”

Although Ji Fengyan words were meant to sooth Fourth Princess, various suspicions had arisen in her heart.

Liu Ruse’s condition was much more complicated than she imagined. When Ji Fengyan had taken her pulse just now, she had sent some vital energy into Liu Ruse’s body to check her condition, but…

The results greatly surprised Ji Fengyan.

An unimaginable chaos resided in Liu Ruse’s sleeping body.

Several different powers seemed entangled in her body and were repelling and engulfing each other. These violent collisions greatly damaged Liu Ruse’s body. The worst thing was that the chaotic powers in the body seemed to have directly devastated Liu Ruse’s mental strength.

That was the reason Liu Ruse was in a coma.

On the way, the Fourth Princess had told Ji Fengyan about how Liu Ruse had become so ill.

In the beginning, Liu Ruse had experienced some discomfort. Later, the illness progressed uncontrollably and she had become very weak and even continually vomited blood at night. The Fourth Princess had panicked and asked Liu Shangfeng for medicine.

Not only had Liu Ruse’s condition not improve after taking the medicine, it had worsened.

Liu Ruse’s condition had become desperate the afternoon after taking the medication. Her entire body had convulsed without stopping and became hot and cold by turns. Her mind became confused and at midnight, Liu Ruse sank completely into a coma and had not awakened to this day.

The Fourth Princess and Qin Muyao had invited many experts to treat her, but to no avail. Liu Ruse had slept for several months, her body wasting away.

Ji Fengyan thought over the entire course of Liu Ruse’s illness. She connected it with the body’s chaotic situation and could more or less guess what had happened.

The different powers in her body probably caused Liu Ruse’s initial discomfort. These powers repelled each other, but had not yet directly confronted each other. However, the medication that the Fourth Princess had acquired from Liu Shangfeng had acted as a catalyst, completely awakening the semi-dormant powers and directly causing them to violently collide. This had inflicted unbearable damage on Liu Ruse’s body.

To save Liu Ruse, one had to slowly defuse the collision of the various powers from an unknown source. And to defuse them, one had to know their origin.

However, Liu Ruse had been tortured for such a long period that she was at death’s door. How much longer could her body last?

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