Chapter 341 - Power from an Unknown Source (2)

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Chapter 341: Power from an Unknown Source (2)

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Currently, there were four powers battling within Liu Ruse’s body. One type was extremely familiar to Ji Fengyan, and that was the human’s desire to live. The other three types of power were obviously abnormal.

One of the powers was supporting the natural desire to live and suppressing the other two kinds. The other two types complemented each other. One of the powers was extremely aggressive and continually tried to engulf Liu Ruse’s body and mental strength.

One way of putting it would be that two different powers were battling in Liu Ruse’s body and the other two were sustaining these two powers.

Ji Fengyan tried to use her own vital energy to mitigate and suppress the agitated parts of Liu Ruse. However, this process was very lengthy and needed extreme caution. If handled incorrectly, not only would it fail to defuse the conflict, it would further catalyze it.

While Ji Fengyan was carefully using vital energy to slowly defuse the conflict, the bystanders only saw Ji Fengyan motionlessly holding Liu Ruse’s hand. She did not speak and did not make any further move.

Qin Muyao’s gaze grew more and more grave and the Fourth Princess also broke out in cold sweat. They did not know what Ji Fengyan was doing or whether she could save Liu Ruse.

The minutes slipped by and even Linghe was dripping with cold sweat. Looking at Qin Muyao’s grave expression, Linghe readied himself, just in case.

Everyone’s patience was wearing thin, but Ji Fengyan did not speak a word.

Qin Muyao took a deep breath and forced down his unhappiness. He stepped forward and reached out his hand. He was about to pull Ji Fengyan away from Liu Ruse.



Liu Ruse, who had been comatose for a long time, suddenly let out a choked cry. Her elegant brows on her pale little face slightly furrowed, as if she were experiencing discomfort.

It was just a tiny expression and a faint sound, but it made Qin Muyao’s hand freeze in mid-air and caused the Fourth Princess’s eyes to widen.

“Ru… Ruse…” the Fourth Princess covered her mouth and her eyes glittered as she looked at Liu Ruse.

Ever since Liu Ruse had fallen into a coma, it was as if someone had sealed all her senses.

Like a motionless statue, she had not made a single sound or responded to anything.

Even her daily meals were fed to her by a servant, using a spoon to place tiny pieces into her mouth.

The originally suspicious Qin Muyao did not take any further action. His gaze moved away from Liu Ruse and fell on Ji Fengyan’s childish profile.

Could she really save Liu Ruse?!

Just by holding Liu Ruse’s hand, she had helped Liu Ruse regain a little consciousness. This was unbelievable.

Although Ji Fengyan’s treatment looked easy, they were not aware that the treatment was continually depleting the vital energy in her inner core. Ji Fengyan might not be able to stand such a large depletion.

However, only vital energy could forcefully suppress the gushing powers in Liu Ruse’s body.

Half a day went past quickly. Ji Fengyan just sat motionlessly by the bed and no one left the room. Everyone’s gaze was fixed on this fantastic scene.

Just as night was about to fall, Liu Ruse slowly opened her fatigued eyes under everyone’s expectant gaze.

The first thing she saw was a strange young girl.

“Ruse!” Before Liu Ruse understood what was happening, the Fourth Princess’s choked cries resounded in her ears.

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