Chapter 342 - Power from an Unknown Source (3)

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Chapter 342: Power from an Unknown Source (3)

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“Your highness?” With a great effort, Liu Ruse looked at the tearful Fourth Princess. Her gaze swept across the people in the room, but when it passed over Qin Muyao, her expression wavered a little.

“What… happened to me?”

“Wuwu… Ruse, y-you have finally… woken up…” The Fourth Princess wiped her tears as she looked at Liu Ruse. The guilt and fear she had felt for so long erupted in that moment.

Ji Fengyan tactfully retired to the side and gave up her place to the Fourth Princess. However, she noticed that Qin Muyao’s gaze had not left her even after Liu Ruse had regained consciousness. Ji Fengyan lifted her eyes to look at Qin Muyao. Qin Muyao’s expression was not as malicious as before, but it was still not warm.

The Fourth Princess hugged Liu Ruse and cried tempestuously. In fits and starts, she recounted the events since Liu Ruse’s coma and clarified that Ji Fengyan had saved Liu Ruse.

Disregarding her physical weakness, Liu Ruse tried to get up and thank Ji Fengyan.

Qin Muyao immediately walked over to the bed and held her tottering body.

“Your bones have not yet healed, you should more carefully.” Ji Fengyan exhorted her gently.

She could see a kind and gentle mist around Liu Ruse’s body. However, the mist was faintly threaded with blood, which was very strange.

“Fengyan, what should Ruse eat? What should she take note of?” The Fourth Princess sobbed as she looked at Ji Fengyan. The little suspicion that she had about Ji Fengyan had already vanished completely.

Ji Fengyan had saved Liu Ruse just by holding her hand. She had performed a miracle!

“What kind of medication and nourishment does she need?” Qin Muyao also looked at Ji Fengyan. His clear voice had a maturity that belied his years.

“If you trust me…” Ji Fengyan took out a bottle of elixir from her robes. “This will be sufficient. Don’t give her any other medication.”

As she spoke, she passed the elixir to the Fourth Princess.

The Fourth Princess opened it in ignorance and a delicate fragrance emerged from the bottle. Just the scent alone gladdened the heart and refreshed the mind. The Fourth Princess’s head was throbbing from crying, and now it eased a little.

“What is this?” Qin Muyao frowned as he spoke.

Ji Fengyan said, “This is the elixir that I refined.”

“Elixir?” Qin Muyao’s face was full of suspicion.

“It’s similar in nature to medication.”

The more Ji Fengyan spoke, the more perplexed Qin Muyao and the Fourth Princess became. But when they recalled that Liu Ruse had been awakened by Ji Fengyan, they grew more trusting.

The Fourth Princess ordered Yichen to be released. Liu Shangfeng who had been standing by the side all along almost dripped gloominess. However, he had no authority to speak and was helpless.

Qin Muyao knew that Yichen’s medication had almost killed Liu Ruse and his expression was somewhat cold. Liu Ruse had been in a coma for some time. Now that she had regained consciousness, her body was still very weak and her stomach was very delicate. Hence, the Fourth Princess asked for easily digestible food to be prepared for her.

“Ruse has only just regained consciousness. If Miss Ji has the time, would she stay to observe her for a few days?” Qin Muyao looked at Ji Fengyan. He seemed to be asking Ji Fengyan’s opinion, but his tone was unusually aggressive.

Ji Fengyan shrugged. “No problem.”

Liu Ruse had a good fate. Helping people like that was akin to gaining merit or… Ji Fengyan would have other plans.

It was late and Ji Fengyan prepared to leave. The Fourth Princess personally saw Ji Fengyan to the door and repeatedly thanked her for saving Liu Ruse.

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