Chapter 375 - Femme Fatale (2)

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Chapter 375: Femme Fatale (2)

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Appearance-wise, Liu Ruse held an exquisite feminine beauty, whereas Ji Fengyan could at most be described as fresh-faced. However, when those youths saw Liu Ruse, they muttered among themselves and kept a respectful distance. In contrast, a few of those towering young men zipped right behind Ji Fengyan, who was just opening the door.

“Hey little girl, we are going to be schoolmates from now on, what’s your name? We must take good care of each other in the future.” A tall, strapping youth leaned against the door frame before Ji Fengyan, assuming what he thought was a dashing stance.

Ji Fengyan turned her head calmly.

Was she being flirted with?

Little girl?

Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows at those three youths before her, a sarcastic smile on her face.

“Little boy, this older sister is called Ji Fengyan. Can you remember that?”

Little boy…

The faces of those three youths immediately darkened at Ji Fengyan’s jibe.

“Little Fengyan sure likes to joke. I am called Liu Kai. You can call me Big Brother Kai in the future. It’s still early now, do you want to hang out somewhere on the institute grounds?” Liu Kai looked smugly at Ji Fengyan.

“Not interested.” Ji Fengyan declined with a smile.

But not surprisingly, Ji Fengyan’s rejection fell on deaf ears. Liu Kai reached out a hand to grab Ji Fengyan to drag her outside.

Female terminators were uncommon. One: There were not many female successors in the first place. Two: Female terminators lagged behind the male ones in terms of physical strength and combat skills. Liu Kai and company were counting on their larger physiques to “force themselves” upon Ji Fengyan.

The harassment attracted the attention of other new students. Most of them turned away after a glance, unwilling to be dragged into the situation. However, the nearby Liu Ruse—who was also surprised by Ji Fengyan’s presence—immediately stepped forth to help when she noticed the trouble.


Before Liu Kai’s hand could even come into contact with Ji Fengyan’s wrist, she executed a shoulder throw!


She threw the tall and burly Liu Kai against the door in a perfect slam!

Everyone was astounded by that loud noise. Dazed, they all stared as Liu Kai slowly slid down the door, and then looked toward the petite Ji Fengyan…

The other two youths with Liu Kai were also completely shocked. They had never expected that frail-looking Ji Fengyan could befall the brawny Liu Kai in just one strike. Even worse… they had even failed to notice exactly when Ji Fengyan make her move.

In that silence, Ji Fengyan casually patted her hands and gazed at Liu Kai, who was lying on the floor and grimacing in pain. Rather unkindly, she also gave a sharp kick to Liu Kai’s pale face.

“Be an obedient boy, little Kai. A good dog doesn’t get in the way. Get up quickly, your big sister wants to enter the house.”

That nonchalant tone made Liu Kai’s already miserable expression even worse. However, he had been slammed so hard that he couldn’t even speak from the pain.

“What are you two still standing there for? Drag him away.” Ji Fengyan looked at the other two dumbstruck youths. They gave a start and hurried over to help Liu Kai up.

At this point, they no longer looked at Ji Fengyan with facetious eyes, but with abject terror.

Although Liu Kai had only recently inherited the World-Termination-Armour, he had an excellent physique and had been cultivating from a young age. He possessed outstanding combat skills—otherwise he would not have become the leader of that trio.

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