Chapter 378 - Comparing Mounts (1)

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Chapter 378: Comparing Mounts (1)

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“Seize?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly.

Liu Ruse nodded.

On the battlefield, a terminator’s fighting strength was equivalent to five of the top professionals. They were the Demon Clan’s worst enemies. In almost every battle, the Terminators were the focal points of the Demon Clan’s attacks.

The lesson slowly came to an end and the new students filed out. The noisy classroom suddenly became quiet. A tall and slender figure loomed at the classroom door.

Ji Fengyan was just about to leave with Liu Ruse, but when she saw the person at the doorway, Liu Ruse who was walking beside her obviously stiffened.

Qin Muyao was standing at the door with a cold expression. The moment the new students passed by saw him, they all smiled carefully.

Nobody wished to offend a member of the Qin family, which was said to have the best Terminator in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

Liu Ruse stiffly walked to Qin Muyao and bowed her head, afraid to speak. Qin Muyao glanced at Liu Ruse and coldly said, “Come with me tomorrow.”

Liu Ruse nodded obediently.

When Qin Muyao next lifted his gaze, he looked instead at Ji Fengyan who was standing by the side.

“I heard that you mount is a half-grown white deer?” Qin Muyao suddenly asked, à propos of nothing.

Ji Fengyan nodded nonchalantly. When each Terminator reported to the capital institute, he brought his own mount along. The mounts were corralled in a special area and the Terminators were only reunited with their mounts under special circumstances.

However, others had large aggressive mounts, while Ji Fengyan’s Bai Ze was incredibly dainty. From the moment they had entered the institute, Ji Fengyan had used Bai Ze’s delicate body as an excuse to retain it by her side.

“Don’t bring it tomorrow.” Qin Muyao spoke mysteriously.

Qin Muyao led Liu Ruse away before Ji Fengyan could figure out what was going on. As she left, Liu Ruse cast an apologetic glance at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan did not understand what Qin Muyao’s mysterious words meant. However, she received a piece of news the next morning.

On the second day after entering the institute, the School of Terminators arranged for the Terminators and their mounts to watch a mock battle.

Many of the new students who had sent their mounts to the corral went to the school’s parade ground first thing in the morning and proudly led out their powerful and spirited mounts.

The moment Ji Fengyan reached the parade ground, she saw mounts that were uniformly large and magnificent, roaring as they lined up.

A griffin with a head like a male lion and wings like a giant eagle.

A devil ray with giant wings and a long hooked tail; a giant troll that stood over three meters tall and looked like a small mountain…

One could sense their magnificence at a glance.

Liu Kai, who had been tormented by Ji Fengyan yesterday, was now riding a giant griffin and looking at Ji Fengyan. In this batch of Terminators, four of them had chosen griffins, but Liu Kai’s griffin was the largest.

When Liu Kai saw Ji Fengyan, he urged his griffin to spread its wings and glide at low altitudes, causing the air to swirl in vortexes.

The giant griffin landed in front of Ji Fengyan and blocked out the bright sunlight like a dark cloud.

“Ji Fengyan, why didn’t you bring your mount?” Liu Kai raised an eyebrow and looked at Ji Fengyan, his eyes mocking.

The other terminators looked over at Ji Fengyan, their glances full of laughter.

Everyone knew that Ji Fengyan’s mount was the most laughable in Terminator history.

A little deer only fit to be fed to their mounts.

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