Chapter 379 - Comparing Mounts (2)

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Chapter 379: Comparing Mounts (2)

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Ji Fengyan looked at the unfriendly Liu Kai. Anyone could see that he was trying to get his own back.

It was just that…

Ji Fengyan swept a glance over the parade square, but did not see any trace of Liu Ruse. She suddenly thought of what Qin Muyao had said yesterday.

Qin Muyao had known about today’s arrangements, but… why had he specially instructed her not to bring Bai Ze?

Ji Fengyan did not feel that she was too sensitive to show her mount to others.

Ji Fengyan felt that something was amiss, but did not show it. She only lifted her head slightly to look at the smug Liu Kai sitting astride his griffin. Her expression was as if she was looking at an idiot.

“But it’s true that your little fellow might create chaos if you brought it here. Our mounts might think that it’s a snack. Don’t you agree?” Liu Kai turned to look at the others behind him, causing them to roar with laughter.

As Liu Kai was mocking her, the tutor in charge of the mock battle came over slowly. He looked around at the line of mounts in surprise, but was shocked when he saw Ji Fengyan.

“Student, didn’t you bring your mount?” The tutor asked carefully.

Before Ji Fengyan could reply, Liu Kai who was watching the show saw an opportunity to needle her further. “Teacher, don’t embarrass her. How could she dare to bring her mount? Even if she had brought it, it would be gone by now.”

All the youths roared with laughter.

Ji Fengyan’s face was expressionless.

The tutor also looked awkward. He looked at Ji Fengyan and said softly, “I’m afraid… this is not good? The arena where the battle simulation is taking place is rather large. You might find it difficult to move about without a mount.”

The tutor was kindly reminding her, but Liu Kai was intent on watching the fun and was not afraid to create a scene. After Ji Fengyan had put him in his place yesterday, he wanted to fan the flames. He wanted to push Ji Fengyan into the center of a storm so that everyone could make fun of her.

Ji Fengyan coldly looked at these hooligans. The corners of her lips slowly curved into a slight arc. She looked at the embarrassed tutor and laughed, “My mount? I brought it.”

The tutor was slightly taken aback. He circled Ji Fengyan but was unable to see anything like a mount.

Liu Kai and the others thought that Ji Fengyan was just brazening it out. They all waited to see the fun, but who knew…


Just as everyone was looking at Ji Fengyan mockingly, a cold light suddenly flashed in front of them.

Ji Fengyan was suddenly holding a long, heavy sword. No one knew when it had appeared!

The crowd was slightly taken aback, but when they saw that Ji Fengyan was holding her fancy, heavy sword, they laughed uproariously.

“I say, Ji Fengyan, are you going deaf? The teacher is asking about mounts, not weapons.” Liu Kai spoke arrogantly.

Ji Fengyan’s gaze swept over everyone and she calmly said, “This is my mount.”

In that instant, there was another roar of laughter. The tutor looked as if he was biting back his words.

Ji Fengyan was not afraid of laughter. She threw the heavy sword in her hand on the ground and stepped on it with her two little feet. With pretended seriousness, she pedaled lightly on it.

The heavy sword emitted a clear sound.

“It’s calling so you can hear it.”

At Ji Fengyan’s words, the group of youths laughed until they were almost breathless. They all looked at Ji Fengyan as if she was crazy.

“Ji Fengyan, you were named quite well… hahaha… you really are crazy…” Liu Kai laughed loudly, without bothering to conceal it.


What happened next caused everyone’s jaw to drop to the ground…

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