Chapter 380 - Comparing Mounts (3)

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Chapter 380: Comparing Mounts (3)

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Under the amazed gaze of the crowd, Ji Fengyan stepped on the heavy sword and casually rose away from the ground. The cold glitter of the heavy sword continually rose with the sword, scattering a streak of silver light onto the green grass below.

Ji Fengyan put her hands behind her back with a swagger. As she moved with the sword, her poise was like that of an immortal. All the onlookers were stunned.

The group of youths that had been mocking Ji Fengyan for not having a mount now felt their cheeks burning.

They looked at the flying sword under Ji Fengyan’s feet, glittering with cold light, then looked at the warm beasts they were riding. Their smug feelings were instantly smashed.

All the Terminators had mounts, but no matter how tough their mounts were, they were not unique.


Who had ever seen someone step on a sword and fly into the sky!!

Even the one who was previously known as the Best Terminator did not have this ability!

Even those who had reached the peak of swordsmanship and attained the realm of the Divine Swordsman had never mentioned flying on a sword!

Ji Fengyan calmly and steadily stood on the heavy sword. As the group of youths stared in shock, she maliciously made the flying sword float naturally through the air, circling, leaping suddenly, rushing upwards and downwards…

It was so fast that it was comparable with the fastest of the flying mounts, the bat-winged bird.


Ji Fengyan made the flying sword change direction while she hung upside-down from the sword, as steady as a mountain.

In that instant, all the youths were utterly grieved and indignant!

This group of youths were completely ignorant of Sword Kinesis Flight. Their eyes were filled with envy and jealousy as they looked at Ji Fengyan…

Even if they were ignorant, they knew that the “mount” under Ji Fengyan’s feet did not need food or water and was never weary. Neither would it refuse to follow orders…

When they thought of how they usually cosseted their mounts with the best food and drinks, besides keeping a close watch on whether it was ill or tired, at that moment… ten thousand pinpricks of pain filled their hearts.

Liu Kai’s face was completely black. The words he had used to mock Ji Fengyan previously returned to haunt him.

Even the best griffin could not compete with a cold weapon which could battle on for a hundred days without sleep or rest.

When Ji Fengyan had executed the Sword Kinesis Flight, she calmly and steady looked at the group of youths who looked like they had just swallowed something nasty.

Compare mounts with her?

They were too green.

They were already stunned by a flying sword?

Wait until Bai Ze was mature, she guaranteed that these hooligans would be crying for their fathers and mothers as if they had been bullied!

Ji Fengyan was fully satisfied now that she had shattered their self-confidence. She gracefully landed on the ground with her flying sword. The tutor who had originally been worried because Ji Fengyan did not have a mount now gaped at her. He stared in shock at Ji Fengyan who had just landed, his gaze involuntarily going to Ji Fengyan’s flying sword.

“Tutor, is there a problem with this mount?” Ji Fengyan asked.

The tutor suddenly snapped out of his trance and vigorously nodded at Ji Fengyan.

No problem!

Absolutely no problem!

If all the Terminators’ mounts were so simple, their school would not need to worry about feeding these mounts that the Terminators had entrusted to them!

Ji Fengyan’s flying sword cowed everyone and no one dared to compare mounts anymore.

After all that trouble, the crowd of youths behaved themselves. The tutor quickly seized the opportunity to explain the impending battle simulation to everyone.

This so-called battle simulation was not taking place in the capital institute, but in the forest at the foot of the Demon Seal Mountain Range.

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