Chapter 381 - Battle Simulation (1)

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Chapter 381: Battle Simulation (1)

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The holding of a battle simulation in the vicinity of the Demon Seal mountain range was a major shock to the bunch of youths.

Everybody knew the Demon Seal mountain range was the most dangerous location in the kingdom. A lingering power remained from the brutal ancient battle that occurred there centuries ago. That power seemed able to pass through time—all living creatures, even the fiercest demons, dared not enter the mountain range without good reason.

The Demon Seal mountain range was like a massive chasm, separating the human nations and the lands belonging to the demon clan. This was actually the prime spot for a demon to attack humans but that abominable ancient power kept them away. As a result, they had no choice but to take a roundabout route.

Although the forest was a distance away from the Demon Seal mountain range, it was nonetheless tainted with the mountain range’s notoriety and was similarly feared.

Several students raised objections, but the usually timid tutor was firm about this battle simulation.

“This is a direct order from the institute director. Every single batch of Terminators is required to undergo training there. Anyone who is unwilling can go inform the institute director. They will be exempted as long as they can get his approval.” The tutor stated to the whole group.

At his words, the youths gave up all notions of objection. As arrogant as they were, no one dared to go head-to-head with the capital institute director.

This was someone who had tutored the Emperor himself!

The youths could only be resigned to their fate. What’s worse, they had to head for the forest right away. There was no time for preparation at all.

Ji Fengyan listened to everything in silence. An incredulous feeling arose inside her.

At this moment, she realized what Qin Muyao’s words meant.

No wonder he had specifically advised her not to bring the young Bai Ze along today—he must have known of this tradition by the school of terminators. That would also explain the absence of Liu Ruse today.


If this was just a normal battle simulation, why did Qin Muyao prevent Liu Ruse from participating?

Liu Ruse’s identity was well known across the student body, which was why no one dared to cross her.

Unless, this battle simulation was not that simple?

Ji Fengyan kept her suspicions to herself and maintained a neutral expression. She calmly followed the bunch of despondent new students and their tutor as they made their way to the destination.

All at once, those seated upon their mounts spurred them on, creating a huge cloud of dust!

Seven to eight were on airborne mounts and they launched up into the clouds in a swirl of air. Those on land-bound mounts marched forward with heavy footsteps, gradually heading toward the school’s doors. It was an earth-shaking and impressive scene!

Students from the other nearby schools looked up from their training at the strange noise. They peered out one by one and stared in shock at the Shijiu and other beasts flying overhead!

It was a truly spectacular sight.

The faces of the onlookers were full of envy and adulation.

“What was that?!” A new student in the School of Pharmacy raised his head as he watched a shadow fly by.

Hearing the shouts of the crowd, Junze looked up. He scanned the variety of airborne mounts whizzing by, his lips curling up in a lazy grin.


He was stunned when he saw a figure on a Sword Kinesis Flight from the corner of his eye.

“My goodness! That person is actually flying on a sword?”

“Who is that? Someone from the school of swordplay?”

Sounds of exclamation erupted from the crowd. Compared to those formidable airborne mounts, that Sword Kinesis Flight figure had completely shattered their world view!

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