Chapter 382 - Battle Simulation (2)

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Chapter 382: Battle Simulation (2)

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It struck everyone dumb at that instant. The terminators were out parading in full force, yet their thunder was being stolen by someone from the school of swordplay!

Everyone had just assumed that Sword Kinesis Flight figure was some great master from the school of swordplay.

However, the students from the school of swordplay themselves were similarly confounded.

The crowd from the school of terminators did not notice that figure riding so arrogantly in their midst. At the moment, every one of them was miserably thinking only of their destination—the sole thought of which caused their scalps to go numb.

Ji Fengyan was the fastest. Standing upon that heavy sword, she was also the most agile of the bunch. After receiving instructions from the tutor, she had gone first and flew down the mountain upon which the capital institute was perched, gliding towards that green forest.

The endless sea of trees spanned across the horizon, towering trunks spreading out thick leaf-covered branches overlapping each other to form a uniformly dense forest.

This was an expansive forest, extending from the foot of the capital institute mountain all the way to the Demon Seal mountain range in the distance. At this instant, the mountain range was bathed in a strange crimson glow under the sunlight, contrasting sharply with the jade-green forest. It was as if a hideous bloody wound had been carved out on the great earth.

Ji Fengyan soared above the forest for a while. Even at her speed, it wasn’t possible to determine just how wide the forest was. The Demon Seal mountain range appeared nearby but was actually far off in the distance.

After loitering for a bit, Ji Fengyan turned back and stopped at the entrance of the forest.

It was some time later before a few youths from the school of terminators were just arriving on their airborne mounts.

This moderate distance already revealed the discrepancy between the different mounts.

The speed of the airborne mounts far exceeded that of the land-bound ones. Liu Kai’s Shijiu was the best among the airborne mounts and was the second person after Ji Fengyan to arrive.

It was just that…

He should have been feeling smug, but Liu Kai’s spirits deflated the moment he saw Ji Fengyan standing on the ground.

Not long after exiting the school, Ji Fengyan’s profile had gradually diminished before his eyes. No matter how hard he spurred on his Shijiu, he just couldn’t catch up…

Looking between his own Shijiu and the sword in Ji Fengyan’s hands, Liu Kai nearly cried from heartache.

After a while, the entire school of terminators had reached the destination. The tutor rode a bat-winged bird, the fastest among all the airborne mounts. He was only lagging behind so as to ensure everyone had arrived.

Upon reaching the place, the tutor did not waste time speaking at length. He gave a simple overview of the battle simulation rules before handing everyone an armband each.

The school of terminators logo was etched onto the armbands, which were split into four colors: red, blue, white and black. Taking away the absent Liu Ruse, there were exactly 16 new students who were split evenly into four persons per team. These four teams were to battle each other.

Getting their armbands taken by other teams would signify their defeat. The last team standing with all the other teams’ armbands would be assessed.

This battle was estimated to last seven days. If any team managed to take over all the armbands of the other three teams, they could end the battle simulation early.

Otherwise, they would have to wait around in the forest for the whole seven days, before the institute would send people to fetch them.

Listening to these rules, the pampered crowd were yet again flabbergasted.

“Seven days? We didn’t bring any food. How could we last in this place for seven days?” A youth whined.

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