Chapter 383 - Battle Simulation (3)

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Chapter 383: Battle Simulation (3)

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The tutor smiled good-naturedly. “You are all mighty Terminators—the pride of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Hunting for food in this forest should not be of any difficulty to you all?”

Placed on such a high pedestal, the youths could only swallow their rebuttals.

This asshole obviously wanted them to be completely self-sufficient in these seven days!

However, some quick-witted students asked the tutor, if a team got all the armbands on the first day, could the battle simulation end earlier then?

The tutor laughed harmlessly.

“Yes, of course it can. However… I forgot to mention this earlier. The teams who lost their armbands would be punished, while the teams who got the others’ armbands would receive a great reward.”

“Reward? Punishment?”

The tutor nodded with a smile.

“The severity of the punishment would go according to the time passed before the armbands were taken. The size of the reward would likewise depend on the time the winning team took to get those armbands.”

With these words, the youths with their cunning ideas were struck mute.

Who knew what kind of punishment would the losers need to endure. Moreover… they were all Terminators. Who would give up their chance at a reward and cede their armbands to the other team?

The opportunists completely gave up on their notion to cheat at first chance.

The guileless tutor smiled even more amiably. But at this moment, his smile gave everyone a somewhat creepy feeling.

Seeing everyone back to an honest mindset, the tutor started distributing the armbands at random. No one knew who would be their team mate until the final moment.

For example.

Liu Kai…

Liu Kai and his two friends received the same red armbands and were just congratulating themselves on their good luck, when they turned around to see…

Ji Fengyan smiled thinly as she put on the same red-colored band on her own arm. She raised her head and waved at the gaping Liu Kai.

“Little Kai, we are truly… fated…”

Liu Kai, “…!!!”

Who would want to be fated with you!!!

After being hit twice by Ji Fengyan, she had already become a dark shadow cast over Liu Kai’s mind. In the end…

Reality was truly cruel.

The more you didn’t want something to happen, the more likely it would happen.

After all the armbands were distributed, the youths with the same colored bands gathered together. Initially unfamiliar with each other, they all started to get to know one another.


Staring at the grinning Ji Fengyan standing before them, Liu Kai and the other two almost tore off their armbands and flung them to the ground.

“My three little brothers, we must take care of each other in these coming days.” Ji Fengyan smiled innocently. Nevertheless, the heavy sword on her back glinted coldly; Just looking at it made Liu Kai and his friends tremble all over.

Knowing that Ji Fengyan could fly on her sword, they were extremely fearful of this feeble-looking young lady.

The corners of Liu Kai’s mouth twitched. His two companions secretly nudged him in the back.

Liu Kai forced out the words. “We seek your care and guidance…”

Ji Fengyan’s smile deepened.

It would seem that… She would not be bored in the coming seven days.

The tutor gave a final piece of advice for everyone to be careful in the woods, before riding his bat-winged bird happily away. That maddening back profile made everybody suspect that the tutor’s earlier timid attitude was all just an act!

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