Chapter 385 - The Three Foolish Boys (2)

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Chapter 385: The Three Foolish Boys (2)

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“I… I can’t go on… I need to rest.” One of the slightly weaker youths plopped down on the ground with a huff. Covered in dirt from head to toe, he had never been in such a wretched state his whole life.

Liu Kai and the other youth also stopped in their tracks. They were in not much better shape than the first youth.

Ji Fengyan paused and looked at the three miserable persons. She smiled. “All right, let’s take a rest.”

She understood now why the capital institute arranged for such a battle simulation.

At the end of the day, this bunch of so-called Terminators was just a flock of immature spoilt brats. They had never met with real adversity before. If sent to the battlefield without undergoing extra training, they were sure to end up in the tummies of the demons within a few days.

Looking at each other’s sorry state, the three fools noted the contrast between themselves and Ji Fengyan’s fresh form. They were struck silent in that instant.


Liu Kai blushed red and hugged his own tummy. He pursed his lips in embarrassment.

“Well… should we look for something to eat?” The other two youths murmured quietly.

The three of them quickly reached an agreement and prepared to cast aside their fatigue to go hunting in the woods.


Those three pampered young men had absolutely no practical survival skills. They stepped heavily on the fallen twigs emitting many loud snapping noises. Any nearby prey would have long fled the scene.

Before long, the trio was completely exhausted. One by one, they collapsed on the ground, clutching their stomachs with pale faces.

Ji Fengyan had tagged alongside them in silence. She did not make any particular move.

However, her composed state caused waves of heat to surge over the faces of Liu Kai and the other two.

Without waiting for them to say a word, Ji Fengyan suddenly said, “Wait here.” She then disappeared nimbly into the trees. Those three youths were so shamefaced that they felt like smashing their own heads on the rocks.

Just as they were resenting the fact that three strapping young men could not hold a candle to a little girl, Ji Fengyan returned with a few game animals in her hands.

Liu Kai and company gaped, no one dared to say a word.

Ji Fengyan deftly removed the fur and cleaned out the guts—her actions smooth and practiced.

Lighting a bonfire, she roasted the game meat, sending waves of delicious aromas across. The trio swallowed hard and stared with unmoving, famished eyes at the game meat.

After checking to see that the meat was done, Ji Fengyan threw a few pieces over to them.

Liu Kai and company held onto the meat while a dilemma raged inside them. They couldn’t decide whether to eat the food.

Ji Fengyan didn’t have time to dally with them. She reached out for a thick vine and with a push, swung onto a tree branch above their heads – where she then enjoyed feasting on a roasted rabbit leg.

Liu looked between the meat in his own hand and Ji Fengyan sitting casually on that tree – hunger eventually won over and he grimly started chewing the food.

The other two followed suit.

The game captured by Ji Fengyan was not big and the three starving youths polished off the meat with little effort. After eating their fill, they patted their stomachs and burped in satisfaction.

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