Chapter 386 - The Three Foolish Boys (3)

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Chapter 386: The Three Foolish Boys (3)

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Looking down at the three fools while up on her tree, Ji Fengyan gave a faint smile.

Now that Liu Kai had eaten the game hunted by Ji Fengyan, he held a somewhat mellower attitude toward her. After all, you couldn’t begrudge someone who did you a favor.

At the end of the day, they were all still kids. Their conflict with Ji Fengyan just a youthful scuffle and nothing exceptionally serious. Thinking of how they had tried to make trouble for her – after which not only had Ji Fengyan let bygones be bygones, she had even fed them.

At the moment, the three youths felt rather contrite toward Ji Fengyan.

However, before Liu Kai and company snapped out of their guilty reverie, the sound of a howling beast rang out nearby!

The trio beside the bonfire immediately stood up.

In the next second, a huge mountain tiger barged out of the woods!

That mountain tiger was massive and strong as an ox. A pair of fangs gleamed coldly as that hungry, prowling tiger stared unwaveringly at the three youths!

“Kai… Brother Kai… is this a mountain tiger? Why is it so big?” The frightfully large animal flabbergasted the young man.

Liu Kai squeezed his brows, giving no apparent sign of fear.

“What’s there to be afraid of! Scared silly by a mere mountain tiger, can you still call yourself a Terminator! Isn’t it just a mountain tiger? Not even a demon. Killing it is just a simple matter now, isn’t it?” Liu Kai said gravely.

Listening to Liu Kai’s words, the other two calmed down and pushed back their fears. They gathered up their courage.

The trio confronted that enormous mountain tiger. Its thick paws stepped soundlessly on the ground.

Liu Kai and company dared not let down even a fraction of their guard.

The mountain tiger suddenly pounced toward the group, causing the three of them to spring into action.

Although they had been pampered all their lives, they had also spent many years cultivating their combat skills. The tiger was no match for the three youths even in their exhausted state. The trio defeated the huge animal within a short time, its immense body becoming their food rations…

With one foot on the mountain tiger’s head, Liu Kai glanced up smugly at Ji Fengyan, who was “hiding” up on the tree.


He saw Ji Fengyan beaming down at them.

“Not bad, I have to rely on you guys for protection in future,” Ji Fengyan said with a laugh.

This affirming statement immediately soothed the young men’s battered egos.

It must be pointed out that they would feel utterly useless if they had to keep relying on Ji Fengyan’s hunting skills. Now… her words had roused their spirits and they all patted their chests as they made boastful claims.

Ji Fengyan’s smile deepened as she gazed upon the self-satisfied faces of those three fools.

After their turn in the spotlight, the trio wanted to continue showing off their prowess before Ji Fengyan. In dealing with the mountain tiger’s body, they deftly mimicked Ji Fengyan’s own skillful movements when preparing the game meat.

And a smiling Ji Fengyan had witnessed it all from her tall perch.

Before they had even prepped half of that mountain tiger, Liu Kai and company became aware of a weird chill surrounding them. They gazed in the direction of that sensation toward the woods. Hidden among the dense bush, they detected a pair of green eyes staring at their every move.

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