Chapter 387 - The Three Foolish Boys (4)

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Chapter 387: The Three Foolish Boys (4)

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A pack of hardy and savage forest wolves emerged from the bushes. Although smaller than the mountain tiger, their numbers were… astounding.

In the blink of an eye, more than 20 forest wolves surrounded Liu Kai and company. Bloodthirsty growls rumbled through their fangs.

The trio was stunned…

They had just dispatched a mountain tiger and now had to deal with so many forest wolves?

Nevertheless, this pack of hungry wolves didn’t give them any time to hesitate. They pounced toward the three youths!

Liu Kai and company battled with the wolf pack under the big tree, where Ji Fengyan sat calmly upon. She was keeping her hands clean of this battle.

Individually, the attacking power of the forest wolves was far from that of the mountain tiger. However, their strength lay in their numbers and their perfect synchronization. Advancing and retreating, covering for one another—their coordinated efforts was truly a sight to behold.

On the other hand, lacking real battle experience, Liu Kai and gang could only rely on their own fighting skills. They did not understand how to engage this wily pack of wolves and were also unfamiliar with the woods. As a result, it was a tough and bitter battle for them.

Finally, fending off the wolf pack after much effort, the trio was completely exhausted. Although they did not sustain any injuries, it was still a taxing challenge for them.


Before they could catch their breaths, yet another bestial howl sounded from the woods. And that noise…

It was fast approaching them.

Was this ever going to end!!!

In their misery, Liu Kai and company could only gear themselves up for battle. Meanwhile, Ji Fengyan just relaxed on the tree branch, watching the ceaseless conflict below…

Every time they dealt with one batch of beasts, another group would attack before the trio could even catch their breaths. This constant battling really took its toll on them.

They struggled to understand why the forest beasts kept coming at them like demons?

The more they killed, the more appeared!

The thick smell of blood permeated through the forest. Ji Fengyan gazed into the distance, looking at the continuous rustling of leaves. Her amusement deepened.

There was one crucial thing to remember when making a kill in the forest.

Don’t let the smell of blood spread.

Countless of ravenous beasts populated the forest. With their heightened sense of smell, they could easily identify the source of the blood scent.

Even when preparing the game for eating, experienced huntsmen knew they had to discard the innards downwind and a distance away from the campsite, so as to ensure no passing beasts would discover them. In addition, there was the need to cover up all traces of blood on the ground with dirt.

Only then could one eat in peace.


Ji Fengyan smiled wickedly as she watched Liu Kai and gang engaged in their arduous fighting.

When she initially prepared the game, she had not purposely tried to cover the smell of blood. Hadn’t those beasts then naturally followed that scent to their location?


Lacking that knowledge, those three fools could only face wave after wave of grueling battles.

They failed to realize this was all Ji Fengyan’s underhanded doings!

Half-dead from their tribulations, the trio still didn’t understand the key point. They only felt that this was probably an inauspicious spot and shouted at Ji Fengyan to move to a safer location.

Ji Fengyan followed them, chuckling to herself.

The forest beasts were not enough to harm Liu Kai and gang, the fights had merely sapped their physical strength until they were nearly fainting from fatigue.

Finally, having time to rest, the battle-worn trio were hungry once again. However, they were too tired to move and could only gaze at Ji Fengyan with “ambivalent” eyes.

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