Chapter 388 - Team Encounter (1)

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Chapter 388: Team Encounter (1)

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Ji Fengyan shrugged slightly. “I’ll go find something to eat.” She walked into the forest.

The three youths looked at Ji Fengyan who was “bearing hardship without complaint” and were almost moved to tears. Each of them secretly vowed not to make anymore trouble for Ji Fengyan. Even in the upcoming competition for the armbands, they would protect Ji Fengyan and ensure her safety.

After they had eaten another batch of game meat that Ji Fengyan had caught, they were even more grateful to her.


The wild beasts that they had just avoided now swarmed over them again…

The three youths were completely exhausted and had no strength to fight on. Shrieking and howling, they took to their heels and fled.

Ji Fengyan’s slender figure nimbly navigated the criss-crossing tree branches. She leapt from tree to tree, her hands behind her back. When she looked at the team of three foolish boys who were being miserably pursued, her smile was especially brilliant.

She did not know what state the other teams were in, but… based on her current reference point, these three did not know how to survive in the forest. If the capital institute wished to use this battle simulation to polish the Terminators, then… she did not mind contributing to the effort.

She would hasten the development of survival skills in this trio.

After an entire day, Liu Kai and the others were in desperate straits. They had started out in a sorry state and now they were in such an appalling condition, one could hardly bear to look at them.

As night was falling, they finally shook off the wild beasts’ pursuit. Liu Kai and the others completely collapsed on the ground, too tired to even move a finger.

“Feng… er… Ji Fengyan, could I trouble you to light a fire?” Liu Kai’s face was pale and he was so tired he was about to vomit. The night air in the forest was very damp and the temperature was dropping rapidly. The three of them were completely exhausted and when the cold wind blew, they began to shiver with cold.

Without delay, Ji Fengyan used her flint to light a campfire. The warm flames dispelled the chill in Liu Kai and the others’ bodies and the three of them gathered their breath.

“Do you still want anything to eat?” Ji Fengyan smiled brilliantly.

Liu Kai waved his hand. “Right now, I… cannot eat anything…”

Their stomachs were empty, but after smelling blood all day, the scent had nauseated them. How could they possibly have any appetite?

Ji Fengyan smiled and sat next to the campfire.

“Ji Fengyan, today… I am really grateful to you…” Liu Kai panted and looked earnestly at Ji Fengyan.

If not for Ji Fengyan, they would have had to experience all this on an empty stomach.

When Ji Fengyan heard these words of thanks, she could not help but laugh softly.

This was an example of someone helping to count out the money after being sold.

“You rest well, I’ll keep watch tonight.” Ji Fengyan brushed off her sleeves and stood up. After being tormented all day, even if wild beasts attacked them at night, these three fools would probably be carried off.

As they looked at Ji Fengyan’s slender back, Liu Kai and the others were almost moved to tears.

However, when Ji Fengyan had only walked a few steps, she suddenly stopped. In the forest, on the other side of the campfire, several dark figures emerged.

Liu Kai and the others shuddered, afraid that the tragedy of the day was about to begin again.


What appeared before Liu Kai the others were not wild beasts, but four tall youths in a sorry state.

Liu Kai was slightly taken aback, but immediately recognized the four of them as another team, who had separated from them outside the forest.

“Oh, it’s you, you almost frightened me to death.” Liu Kai heaved a big sigh of relief.

The four of them were also taken aback when they saw Liu Kai and the others. They gaze swept over Liu Kai and his two companions were in a sorry state and the skinny Ji Fengyan.

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