Chapter 389 - Team Encounter (2)

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Chapter 389: Team Encounter (2)

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The four of them wore blue armbands on their arms. They were in a much better state than Liu Kai and the others, but still somewhat disheveled. However, they had not been encircled by wild beasts, so their spirits were still high.

One youth in the blue team suddenly snapped out of his trance. When he saw Liu Kai sitting by the campfire, he suddenly laughed.

“Liu Kai, why are all of you in such a sorry state?”

“Let’s not talk about it…” Liu Kai waved his hand. He obviously knew this youth.

Ji Fengyan thought for a moment and did not walk any further. Instead, she slowly circled back.

Liu Kai chattered on, pouring out what they had encountered so far. They left the four members of the blue team speechless as they listened.

“Your luck is… just too good? We’ve had some setbacks along the way, but… did not really see any wild beasts. Just a few rabbits and other small animals.” As the youth in the blue team talked, he walked towards the campfire. The few youths did not react and the seven of them actually started chatting by the campfire.

“Although we didn’t meet any wild beasts, we had a hard enough time. Today, we ate only two rabbits and they were so small, they were barely enough to fill the gaps in our teeth…” The youths from the blue team chattered away. They had not known there would be such an exercise, so no one had brought a flint. They had skinned the two rabbits and eaten them raw.

One could imagine what a miserable experience this had been for these pampered young masters.

They were ravenous and the temperature in the forest dropped at night. When they were so cold they could not stand it any longer, they saw the light from the fire and walked over, not expecting to meet Liu Kai and the others.

Liu Kai was slightly comforted when he heard of the blue team’s experience.

“Haha, when it comes to food, we’ve fared better than you. Ji Fengyan has a flint, so thanks to her, we did not do too badly.” Adversity will reveal one’s true colors, and now Liu Kai was almost ready to become Ji Fengyan’s sworn brother.

The youths from the blue team laughed. The campfire dispelled the chill from their bodies, and they earnestly listened to Liu Kai pouring out his grievances. Only…

But Ji Fengyan noticed that the occasional questions from these four were very “interesting”.

“You’ve had a hard day and must be tired. Look at you, you’re too tired to even pant.” The youth who knew Liu Kai said smilingly.

Liu Kai spread his hands and moaned, “Isn’t that true. Right now… my entire body is aching so badly it’s about to split. Even if two mountain tigers were to pounce, I would have no energy to flee.”

Liu Kai’s two companions nodded in agreement.

“Fortunately, we met you. If we encountered any wild beasts tonight, Ji Fengyan might not be able to handle it alone.” Liu Kai was overcome with emotion.

A strange expression surfaced on the faces of the four youths from the blue team. They secretly studied the three members of the red team who were prostrate with exhaustion. In the entire red team, only the fragile-looking Ji Fengyan looked to be in good condition. The other three…

The youth that Liu Kai knew smiled and nodded.

“Don’t worry, we will help to keep watch tonight.”

Liu Kai was delighted and patted the other’s shoulder. “Thanks for your hard work, brother.”

That person laughed softly and jokingly grabbed Liu Kai’s hand that was resting on his shoulder. He said, “It’s easy work as long as you pay a service charge.”

The moment he finished speaking, he suddenly pulled Liu Kai’s hand fiercely!

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