Chapter 390 - Team Encounter (3)

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Chapter 390: Team Encounter (3)

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This sudden act stunned Liu Kai. He suddenly realized that something was amiss and the smile on his face stiffened. “Brother, what are you doing?”

“What am I doing? Liu Kai, I know we are friends but don’t forget where we are. This place is desolate and dangerous. Judging by your state, you won’t last long. Why don’t you hand over your armbands and you can leave this place earlier?” The youth from the blue team finally showed his true colors and his hypocritical, their smiling facade completely shattered.

Greatly alarmed, Liu Kai tried to get up and resist. However, he had overextended himself and could not exert any force. His opponent pressed him to the ground.

The other two youths in the red team saw that something was amiss and tried to get up and come to his help. However, before they could pick themselves up, the other three members of the blue team kicked them to the ground. With their muddy shoes, they stepped directly onto the backs of both youths so that they could not move an inch!

“Zhou Bugui! You scoundrel, don’t go too far! I must have been blind to treat someone like you like a brother!” When Liu Kai saw how they treated his companions, he almost exploded.

Zhou Bugui, who was pressing Liu Kai down, laughed smugly.

“Liu Kai, don’t lose your temper. The winner takes it all. Anyway, you can’t blame us. Even if we did not attack today, considering your present state, you would have lost no matter which team you met. Seeing that we know each other, we can settle the matter peacefully. Rest assured, as long as you hand over the armbands, we will not make things difficult for you. I’ll still be your brother once we get out of this forest.”

“What nonsense! Who wants a brother like you! Let me go if you dare, and I’ll fight you one on one.” Liu Kai had never encountered a situation like this, and he was ready to explode.

Zhou Bugui actually laughed out loud.

“Liu Kai, you are as brainless as ever. We are not the only teams here. If I can take your armbands easily, why should I fight you? Also…” Zhou Bugui looked over Liu Kai dismissively.

“Considering the state you’re in, even if I release you, you might not manage to beat me.”

Liu Kai was so angry he ground his teeth. Zhou Bugui’s words were mocking, but he also knew that they were true. Under normal circumstances, Zhou Bugui would never dare to fight him! But now…

“Damn you! Despicable scoundrel!”

“As they say, all is fair in war.” Zhou Bugui raised his brows as he spoke.

Liu Kai could not move and could only curse loudly. However, Zhou Bugui could not be bothered to pay attention to his shouting. He instructed his empty-handed team mate to pull the red armband off Liu Kai’s arm!

The red armband reflected the flames of the campfire and glowed in Liu Kai’s eyes. At that moment, it was no longer an armband, but a banner, with “Dignity” written on it!

They pressed the other two members of the red team to the ground, who could not avoid their armbands being dragged off. Their eyes turned red with anger and they glared at Zhou Bugui and the others, who had taken advantage of the situation to rob them.

Three armbands had been obtained easily, and Zhou Bugui was completely satisfied. But now he slowly raised his eyes and looked at Ji Fengyan, who had been coldly watching the scene from the sidelines.

Zhou Bugui glanced at his companions and handed Liu Kai over to them to guard. With Liu Kai’s armband in his hand, he slowly walked over to Ji Fengyan.

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