Chapter 391 - Team Encounter (4)

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Chapter 391: Team Encounter (4)

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“Zhou Bugui, if you call yourself a man, you wouldn’t touch a girl! You can take it out on me instead!” The moment Liu Kai saw Zhou Bugui walk towards Ji Fengyan, anger immediately swelled in his heart. What frustrated him even more was that Ji Fengyan was actually standing there stupidly, instead of running.

Zhou Bugui shrugged and said, “Liu Kai, save your energy. I said I only want the armband. I won’t hurt her. In any case, I have a soft spot for women.”

With that, Zhou Bugui looked towards Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan was standing a middling distance away. The glow of the campfire shone on her. In the darkness, it was as if a mysterious and hazy halo shrouded her, adding allure to her fresh-looking face.

“Ji Fengyan, right? What a pity. I never thought you would end up in the same team as Liu Kai. Don’t worry, I won’t harm you. Just hand over your armband and I’ll see you safely out of the forest.” Zhou Bugui tried to speak chivalrously.

Ji Fengyan only smiled faintly and watched him approach step by step.

Ji Fengyan’s “obedience” greatly satisfied Zhou Bugui, but made the hearts of Liu Kai and the others burn with anxiety.

“Run, Ji Fengyan! Run now! You are the only one left in our team. Don’t…” Liu Kai had only just started to speak when the people pressing him down punched him in the face. The blow caused Liu Kai’s mouth to crack and blood started to trickle out of the wound and dripped into the mud.

“Liu Kai, you better know what’s good for you. If you talk some more, I will disregard our former friendship.” Zhou Bugui turned and glared coldly at Liu Kai. Then he looked at Ji Fengyan, his hideous expression now replaced with a flirtatious smile.

“Fengyan, Liu Kai previously bullied you in the institute. It must have been hard on you to be in the same team with scum like that. If you are afraid of punishment, follow us and we’ll tell the tutor that you were the last to be caught by us.” Zhou Bugui smilingly cast his bait. After all, they would correlate the severity of the punishment with when the armband was seized.

Ji Fengyan looked at the approaching Zhou Bugui with a half smile and finally opened her mouth.

“You want my flint?”

The moment Ji Fengyan spoke, the smile on Zhou Bugui’s face stiffened.

Ji Fengyan laughed softly and helplessly watched Zhou Bugui’s expression change. Her gaze then swept over the members of the red and blue teams that were by the side of the campfire.

“Trying to survive in this forest for seven days without a flint will be difficult. You will probably be ill from the cold. However…” Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes slightly and her gaze fell on Zhou Bugui. “Isn’t it absurd to think that I am as easily deceived as those three fools?”

Zhou Bugui’s smile completely vanished. Ji Fengyan’s words had precisely revealed his motives!

What he really wanted was not a difficult burden, but Ji Fengyan’s flint!

Without a source of fire, trying to survive the nights in the forest would be agony.

Now that his motives were revealed, Zhou Bugui dropped all pretenses. The corners of his mouth curled and he looked at Ji Fengyan maliciously and said, “It’s true that we want the flint. If you are willing to give it to us, that would naturally be the best. But if you are unwilling…”

Zhou Bugui laughed coldly and his eyes wandered boldly over Ji Fengyan’s thin clothes.

“You wouldn’t want us to personally search through your clothing for the flint right?”

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