Chapter 392 - Beating Up A Bunch of Hooligans (1)

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Chapter 392: Beating Up A Bunch of Hooligans (1)

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The fallen Liu Kai and company gasped at Zhou Bugui’s words. They stared in disbelief at Zhou Bugui. Never would they expect him to threaten Ji Fengyan with such a despicable act!

How could a young lady endure such a degrading remark?

“Zhou Bugui, you bastard!”

“I will chop off your hand if you dare touch Ji Fengyan!”


The three young men of the red team were incensed. One by one, they struggled to get up, looking like they were ready skin Zhou Bugui alive.

However, the blue team were in a far better physical shape than them, they completely subdued the trio. To prevent them activating the World-Termination-Armour, the blue team even tied the trio’s hands tightly behind their backs.

Zhou Bugui stared steadfastly at Ji Fengyan. He was very clear that no young girl would be able to withstand his threat.


The expected look of terror had yet to surface on Ji Fengyan’s face, in fact she actually laughed out loud.

“What a pity. I have no intention of handing over my armband and flint to you all. So… if you guys are really that capable…”

Zhou Bugui narrowed his eyes. “You brought this upon yourself!”

Before he even finished his words, Zhou Bugui had rushed toward Ji Fengyan.

Although he had no real battle experience, he had been a Terminator successor since a young age, how weak could he be?

Zhou Bugui was exceptionally quick-footed. He looked like a powerful panther in the dark night pouncing toward Ji Fengyan.

But Ji Fengyan remained at her original position, causing Liu Kai and his company to enter a state of extreme panic.


Just as Zhou Bugui was reaching Ji Fengyan.


A cold light flashed across the black sky and brushed past Zhou Bugui in mid-pounce. At that slight contact, his entire body flew off in the other direction!

They could hear only a grunting noise as the aggressive Zhou Bugui was flung below a nearby tree. His back had been brutally slammed against the tree trunk!

Everyone was thunderstruck by what happened.

The rest of the blue team stared with wide, incredulous eyes. It must be pointed out that Zhou Bugui was the most agile among the four of them. Even Liu Kai at his peak could not match up to Zhou Bugui’s speed.


An elegant and graceful form stood beneath the moonlight. Leaves that were loosened by the earlier commotion fluttered down by the feet of that figure.

A silver-colored heavy sword had abruptly appeared before everyone’s eyes.

Ji Fengyan held onto the hilt with one hand and raised her chin slightly. She looked at the fallen Zhou Bugui with a seductive smile.

“Don’t you want the armband and flint? Why are you not coming to get them?”

Enduring the intense pain on his back, Zhou Bugui raised his head and glared in shock at the slender figure.


How could this be?

Who would believe that the smallest girl among them all could hold such a terrible power?

The heavy sword propped up beside Ji Fengyan reflected a harsh and chilly light – looking like an ominous sign of an impending nightmare.

“If you don’t come, I will go over to you then.” That amused voice resonated in the quiet night air, sounding just like the devil’s whisper…

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