Chapter 393 - Beating Up A Bunch of Hooligans (2)

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Chapter 393: Beating Up A Bunch of Hooligans (2)

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Zhou Bugui felt a swirl of cold air rise from beneath his feet, curling up his legs and enveloping his entire body. The appearance of that cool air was so abrupt that he had yet to understand what was happening. Originally standing before him, Ji Fengyan suddenly vanished without a trace.

The immense fear had taken the shape of a ferocious night beast, causing Zhou Bugui and his blue team mates to swallow hard.

Liu Kai and company were also staring in disbelief. Ji Fengyan had so effortlessly disappeared right before their very eyes.

A fleeting glimpse under the moonlight!

With no time to react, Zhou Bugui felt a sudden and intense pain radiating from his back. He was viciously flung far away!

Zhou Bugui’s figure merged into the black night as he flew awkwardly across a few meters before landing heavily on the ground. He instinctively wanted to prop himself up, but a vicious stomp on his lower back sent him facedown back in the mud!

Under the moonlight, Ji Fengyan stood holding her sword with her slim foot firmly upon Zhou Bugui’s back.

That obviously skinny young girl was just nonchalantly standing there, but Zhou Bugui felt like a massively heavy rock was crushing his body, rendering him immobile.

“Aren’t you going to take my armband? You also wanted the flint? Why then… are you lying on the floor?” Ji Fengyan’s mocking laugh drifted over to Zhou Bugui’s ear.

Zhou Bugui shivered violently, fear flashing across his eyes for the first time.

How could that be?

How was he being so completely restrained by a half-grown young girl?

Witnessing Ji Fengyan’s dominance over Zhou Bugui, the other three members of the blue team were petrified. No one expected that Zhou Bugui could be so helpless under Ji Fengyan’s hands!

Ji Fengyan grinned at the Zhou Bugui beneath her feet before looking toward the rest of the blue team. She took out a yellow talisman and casually tossed it onto Zhou Bugui’s back. The moment it landed, Ji Fengyan retrieved her foot.


Zhou Bugui was still unable to move from his position on the ground. The colossal weight on his body was still there. What’s more shocking was the fact that the weight was no longer confined to his back but had spread throughout his entire body. Even moving his fingers was a lost cause.


What was happening?

Zhou Bugui was in hysterics having never experienced something like that. He wanted to speak but found his throat constricted and unable to utter a single sound.

Ji Fengyan no longer bothered herself with the panicking Zhou Bugui. She smilingly dragged her sword—which was almost the same height as her—toward the bonfire.

“Don’t you come any closer!” The youths of the blue team were scared stiff by Zhou Bugui’s circumstance. How could they have known that this frail-looking young girl could be so abnormal?

They had even unknowingly slackened their restrain on Liu Kai and company. The three youths suddenly stood up, fully alert to the approaching Ji Fengyan.

“Don’t go over?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows as her smile deepened. “You were the ones who wanted to snatch our things. Why are you all so afraid now?”

Ji Fengyan vanished the moment she spoke those words!

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