Chapter 40 - Unexpected Gain

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Chapter 40: Unexpected Gain

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Su Lingsheng stared, immobile, at Ji Fengyan, as if she was looking at a monster.

Ji Fengyan kept the jade pendant in her waist pouch, a wide grin seemingly appearing on her face, and chicly left in the shocked gazes of everyone else.

Then, Su Lingsheng continued kneeling in the store for a while before she trembled while standing up with the support of Lei Min. It was rumoured that in the instant after she stood up, Su Lingsheng fainted.

But Ji Fengyan was not bothered by any of these.

While holding onto the two new pieces of stones and that piece of jade pendant that she had won from the bet, Ji Fengyan walked around a few medicinal halls in the city. After purchasing some medicinal herbs, she then left for home.

Right after she returned, Ji Fengyan was already eagerly taking out all the items.

Truthfully, Ji Fengyan was clueless about the value of these ores and the jade pendant. What she was concerned about were the spiritual energy on these ores and jade pendant. These spiritual energy was great for helping her cultivate her inner core, whereas the jaw-dropping price—she completely disregarded it!

If Su Lingsheng had known that Ji Fengyan was a complete amateur to stone betting, she would most likely die of infuriation.

Ji Fengyan took out the dream stone with the weakest spiritual energy and sat cross-legged on the bed. Using both her hands to support the dream stone at her dantian, she closed her eyes and silently began her cultivation. A wave of cooling air quietly filled her entire body through her palms and nourished the crushed inner core in her body.

This amazing feeling made Ji Fengyan shocked as the spiritual energy obtained from this piece of dream stone was more vigorous than what she had expected.

It’s just a pity that this piece of dream stone was too small. Before Ji Fengyan could feel the nourishment of the inner core, the spiritual energy from the dream stone had already been completely absorbed. When she opened her eyes once again, the dream stone in her hands had already lost all of its spiritual energy and had become an ordinary ore.

But this discovery made Ji Fengyan stimulated. She originally had only wanted to give it a try, who knew that the effects were so many times better than her expectations!

Consequently, Ji Fengyan could not wait to use the moonlight stone and finally Su Lingsheng’s jade pendant for cultivation. Among the three of them, the spiritual energy obtained from the moonlight stone was the mildest, whereas the dream stone had the most outstanding effect for recovering her inner core. The piece of jade pendant obtained from Su Lingsheng was instead much less remarkable than these two pieces of ore.

After Ji Fengyan completely absorbed the spiritual energy from the three of them, her crushed inner core finally became more nourished and her spiritual powers that had been continuously draining finally became more balanced.

Ji Fengyan placed the three items that have lost their spiritual energy on the table, with her mind already lost somewhere else. She touched her chin and the image of the piece of stone that the store owner ‘stole’ away from her came to her mind. She originally did not intend on fussing about it but after she realised the benefits of the dream stone, this matter could not simply be put to rest!

Just when Ji Fengyan was contemplating on how to make the store owner return the item to its original owner, there was a sudden knock on the room door.

“Miss, that young boy is awake,” Linghe’s voice sounded outside the room.

Ji Fengyan was stunned at first. After thinking for a while, she then realised that the young boy mentioned by Linghe was the gorgeous young boy whom she had almost killed from her lightning strikes and even used a tally to make unconscious.

Immediately, Ji Fengyan felt a tinge of guilt from the bottom of her heart. She nimbly tidied her clothes, opened her room door, and said while pretending to be calm, “Uh, he’s awake?”

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