Chapter 42 - Taking Advantage of People in Broad Daylight

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Chapter 42: Taking Advantage of People in Broad Daylight

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“…” the expression on the gorgeous young boy suddenly froze, his eyes showing a look of shock for the first time. He stared blankly at Ji Fengyan, who had said something so astonishing, as if he had seen a ghost.

Ji Fengyan was successfully delighted by the young boy’s reactions. She had never been one to follow rules, like a well-behaved girl, if it was not for her Master’s control, who knew how much havoc she would have wrecked. Now, without anyone controlling her, she naturally had no regard for any law and behaved anyway she wanted.

Moreover, the gorgeous young boy’s looks just coincidentally struck Ji Fengyan’s, an aspiring immortal’s heart. She had no emotional burden at all from taking liberties of him.

“What? Is anything wrong?” Ji Fengyan looked at the gorgeous young boy in all seriousness.

The gorgeous young boy’s brows were frowning so much that they were almost tangled. He perplexedly looked at Ji Fengyan, without anyone knowing what he was thinking.

Ji Fengyan fooled around a bit, and almost burst out in laughter from him looking like he was at a loss.

Bullying an injured and gorgeous young boy seemed to be a little unkind.

“This is your medication—three times a day, one pill each time. If there is anything else you need, you can inform anyone in the residence, do you understand? Little Liu Huo?” Ji Fengyan smiled and reached out to pinch the young boy’s clean and fair cheeks.

The gorgeous young boy’s entire body became even more still now.

Completely not caring whether the other party was willing, Ji Fengyan directly gave him a name and even took advantage of him. Before Liu Huo could even speak, Ji Fengyan immediately walked out with a smile on her face, leaving Liu Huo sitting by the window with a dazed look.


Linghe, who was watching the entire process from outside the door, looked so confused after seeing Ji Fengyan walk out of the room, as if he had eaten a fly.

Initially, he could not tell at all that his Miss was born so “bold”!

In this moment, Linghe could not help but pity Liu Huo this young child, who looked dazed from shock.

“Brother Ling,” Ji Fengyan shot Linghe a look.

Linghe’s body became alert almost instinctively. He immediately said, “I heard nothing!”

“…” Ji Fengyan’s mouth twitched. Who would believe these words that were obviously trying to cover up what he had heard?

“Brother Ling, previously I have pre-ordered a batch of medicinal herbs, if anyone delivers it later on, please help me arrange accordingly,” Ji Fengyan decided to temporarily ignore Linghe’s pitiful level of intelligence.

Linghe simple-mindedly nodded, and immediately rethought, “Miss, where are you going?”

Ji Fengyan smiled slightly. “Yes, I’m going out for a while. I have left something outside, and I have to go retrieve it.”

“What thing? Do you want me to order someone to retrieve it?” Linghe asked.

Ji Fengyan shook her head as the grin on her face widened.

“You guys won’t be able to get it back, besides… I still have to sort things out with that person.”

Linghe understood half of what she said. Ji Fengyan did not intend to say more, and she immediately left while humming a melody.

In the room, Liu Huo snapped out of his daze after a while. He frowned slightly as he looked at the petite figure that slowly became further from his view, and the complicated look in his eyes was too difficult to understand.

Almost at the same time, Lei Min carried Su Lingsheng, who had knelt almost half a day, back to the City Lord’s residences and the stone betting store where the incident happened was closed earlier than usual. The store owner who was involved in the entire incident had a dejected face. The look that Lei Min gave him before leaving made his hair stand.

“Boss, we are closing this early?” the store’s employees muttered as they closed the door.

The store owner said angrily, “What else am I supposed to do even if we do not close? Wait for the City Lord’s young master to blame us?”

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