Chapter 429 - Snatched From the Jaws Of Death (1)

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Chapter 429: Snatched From the Jaws Of Death (1)

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Zhou Bugui shivered uncontrollably. As he looked in terror at the smiling Ji Fengyan, his legs became so soft that his knees buckled.

Ji Fengyan slowly walked back to the campfire as if nothing had happened.

All was still.

The appearance of the scarlet monkey proved one thing.

This was a challenge from the Demon Clan. But made them feel unbearably guilty was the trace of suspicion they had towards Ji Fengyan. Even if… they had ultimately overcome their suspicions and chosen to believe Ji Fengyan, that moment of suspicion made them feel too ashamed to lift their heads.

At that moment, no one dared to say a word. Zhou Bugui might be despicable, but were they any better?

Only the two youths from the red team had trusted Ji Fengyan implicitly. Even when the scarlet monkey had tried to sow discord, they had not wavered at all.

The minutes ticked by. No one spoke. Everyone was silently sunk in their guilt. Zhou Bugui had already shrunk into a corner and was also silent.

Everyone was feeling guilty and afraid.

If Ji Fengyan chose to abandon them to their fates, could they… leave this place alive?

It was late at night when Ji Fengyan suddenly stood up. Everyone’s gaze followed her movement.

Fear and unease.

“Let’s go.” Ji Fengyan spoke calmly.

Two simple words nearly moved everyone to tears. The guilt that they had suppressed in their hearts almost burst forth at this moment.

The group of youths gritted their teeth and suppressed the impulse to cry. They stood silently and followed behind Ji Fengyan.

The two youths from the red team followed by Ji Fengyan’s side and they started walking out of the pitch black forest.

But events… were far from over.

The Demon Clan that was scattered throughout the forest seemed to look for this group of young humans. When Ji Fengyan and the others had just entered the forest, they immediately encountered several waves of attacks from the Demon Clan. Although each attacking force was not large, after several waves, it had drained the last of their strength.

This time, Ji Fengyan did not stop to give them more time to rest, but pressed on.

Everyone dragged their near-fainting bodies and followed closely behind Ji Fengyan. No one uttered a word of complaint.

That Ji Fengyan had not abandoned them was an act of utmost magnanimity. If they had been in her place, suspected by the people they had rescued, they would have washed their hands of the affair long ago.

Even though their vision was hazy with fatigue, no one dared to stop and rest. They walked on the soft green grass, a group of youths desperately trying to survive the relentless pursuit of the Demon Clan.

Zhou Bugui brought up the rear. Perhaps his words earlier had made the others exclude him. Whether in battle or on the move, he was completely isolated. He looked malevolently at Ji Fengyan’s back but had no choice but to hurry and keep up.

In this large forest, hunger, fatigue, cold and the relentless pursuit brought everyone near the abyss of death. In one short night, they passed through a nightmare that they had never experienced in their life.

The morning was dawning. Everyone was exhausted and dragged their feet heavily. Every step required an immense effort.


Ji Fengyan, who was at the head of the troop, stopped. Her eyes narrowed slightly and she looked towards the road ahead.

“What’s the matter, Fengyan?” A youth from the red team gasped as he spoke.

Ji Fengyan did not reply immediately, but her eyes were fixed on the road ahead.

Based on her calculations, they only needed to continue for half a day more, and they could escape the forest, but…

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