Chapter 43 - Settling Scores

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Chapter 43: Settling Scores

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The store owner felt that he had such a rotten luck—Su Lingsheng was Lei Min’s dearest love, and she met with trouble at his place. Who knows how he would settle scores with him in the future. After closing the store’s door, the store owner pulled a long face as he walked towards the backyard.

The backyard was piled with different types and sizes of ore, which were many times more than what was displayed in the store.

“Where is the thing?” the store owner said as he swept a look at a servant.

That servant understood tacitly and pointed at a room.

“All right, you all can pack up and head back early today. Also, that stupid brat appeared out of nowhere, yet created so much trouble for me,” the store owner mumbled and walked towards that room.

In the room, two people were grinding a piece of gigantic natural stone, and a dull blue ore glowed bright under the candlelight. The store owner’s originally depressed face, after seeing that dull blue, left completely and his mouth tilted upwards at an angle to give a proud grin.

“Boss, this stone’s quality is not bad. We have almost opened half of the stone, yet have not opened the ore fully. It seems like there is plenty of the ore inside.” The man opening the stone turned to say to the store owner.

The store owner nodded, pleased, and looked at the dream stone that was slowly being opened. The smile on his face widened even more. He sat immediately on the chair at the side with his legs poised in the air and said, “my luck today was bad, but at least there is still some consolation. That stupid brat was so quiet, who knew that her luck would be so good for her to choose two pieces of stones with sky-high prices.”

“You are still the smart one, boss, knowing to hide this piece of stone away,” the man at the side bootlicked.

The store owner waved his hands in midair, “if I had fully opened this stone at that time, Miss Su would have lost in the first round and naturally, I cannot let that stupid brat have her way. It’s just a pity I couldn’t get my hands on that piece of moonlight stone; otherwise I could earn another huge sum of money.”

At the thought of the moonlight stone being taken away by Ji Fengyan, the store owner felt pained. Although that piece of moonlight stone was small, it could still definitely be hyped up to a sky-high price in the marketplace.

The store owner became more depressed as he thought about it, and he could only relieve his anger using the dream stone in front of him. After the entire dream stone was opened, it was only one loop smaller than the original stone. Even though it was not as rare as the moonlight stone, such a big piece of dream stone was also scarce in this kingdom.

“You guys can all take your leave, let me have another look,” the store owner rubbed his chin, and looked at the huge dream stone before him with his mouth drooling with greed. This stone’s value was likely to be more than the money he could earn in a year.

“If not because that stupid brat and Miss Su have a grudge, I may even make use of her luck,” the store owner said while lost in thoughts.

There was only the store owner left in the room. He looked greedily at the smooth dream stone, and wholehearted wanted to find a familiar group of merchants and auction this piece of stone away to earn a huge fortune.

The store owner who was engrossed in his dreams of earning a fortune, completely did not notice the tightly locked door behind him had been furtively pushed open and a petite figure had stealthily entered the room.

“Tsk tsk, this piece of dream stone is indeed not small,” a voice with a slight laugh sounded suddenly.

The store owner who was still absorbed, did not come to realisation and said with a despicable smile, “Indeed! Such a big dream stone, throughout the entire kingdom…”

The store owner did not finish his words and his back suddenly stiffened. Alarmed that something was not right, he quickly turned around and an emaciated figure was unexpectedly before his eyes!

“Why are you here? Who let you in!” the store owner looked flabbergasted at Ji Fengyan who had suddenly appeared behind him. His eyes could not believe what he had seen!

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