Chapter 430 - Snatched From the Jaws Of Death (2)

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Chapter 430: Snatched From the Jaws Of Death (2)

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A crackling sound could be heard from the forest ahead, almost like the sound of tree branches breaking, or vegetation being crushed.

The sound continually sounded in their ears. Like tiny ants crawling over their bodies, it caused a wave of shivering.

“What… what is that…” The youth from the red team looked at Ji Fengyan and asked gloomily.

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes.

“Demon Clan.”

These two words caused everyone’s hearts to sink to the bottom of the valley.

They had not escaped after all…

Ji Fengyan raised her head and looked at the forest ahead. The trees were trembling violently and whatever was hiding in the forest was rapidly approaching.

Ji Fengyan immediately took out a few bottles of elixirs and threw them to the two youths from the red team.

“Two each.”

The two of them immediately distributed the elixirs to everyone and they hurriedly swallowed them.

They immediately felt much of their fatigue fall away from them, and their bodies became much more relaxed.

Before they could marvel at its miraculous effects, Ji Fengyan’s words caused them to sink into a greater state of fright.

“When the battle begins, I will hold them. Don’t worry about anything. Just run forward as fast as you can and you will soon leave the forest.”

“What do you mean?” The youths from the red team widened their eyes in disbelief. Did Ji Fengyan actually intend to single-handedly deal with the approaching Demon Clan to give them time to escape?

Ji Fengyan swept a glance at the stunned group and her lips curled slightly. “All of you will be in the way. You better go far away so that I can be free to act ruthlessly.”


“No buts. I’ve had enough you dragging me down.” Ji Fengyan admonished them coldly.

Her words were cold and struck them like a bolt of lightning, but no one was the least bit angry or indignant.

Their hearts were full of guilt and self-reproach.

Once Ji Fengyan had finished her instructions, she looked towards the forest. At the moment that she turned her head, ten over aggressive demons broke through the forest in front of them, displaying their fierce and cruel visages.

What was even more terrifying was that among the ten over demons, not one was a level-one demon. All of them were level-two and above.

Obviously, the Demon Clan had perceived that their group planned to escape at this point, and had intercepted them.

“Better run.” Ji Fengyan gripped the evil-crushing sword in her hand tightly. A cold light flashed across her eyes and in a second, her figure vanished in front of the others. A beam of cold light swiftly threaded through the crowd of demons.

The thick scent of blood immediately attracted the attention of most of the demons.

The roars of the Demon Clan caused the other youths to snap out of their trance. They grouped together and fought their way out!

Ji Fengyan had attracted the attention of most of the demons and this reduced much of the pressure on the ten over youths. They desperately fought their way out of the encircling demons and rushed out.

Amidst the battle, Ji Fengyan glanced over at the group of youths who were leaving and a smile flitted across the corner of her mouth. The evil-crushing sword in her hand sliced off the skin and flesh of many demons. She pushed herself to the limits to single-handedly delay the demons’ pursuit.

A moment later, Ji Fengyan extricated herself from the battlefield. A few demons had clawed her back, leaving streaks of blood. A large patch of blood reddened her back.

Ji Fengyan turned her head to look at the part of her wound that was visible, and her eyes narrowed.

“If it weren’t that I have not recovered my inner core, I would have sent all of you to hell long ago.”

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