Chapter 431 - Snatched From the Jaws Of Death (3)

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Chapter 431: Snatched From the Jaws Of Death (3)

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Ji Fengyan surveyed the demons surrounding her with a mocking smile. She glanced at the mess on the ground from the corner of her eyes.

Demon corpses littered the ground, all bearing deep wounds left by her evil-vanquishing sword. The thick smell of blood continued to attract more demons, as if they were a ceaseless flow of parasites…

Dozens turned into hundreds.

Ji Fengyan passed a sweeping glance; she was surrounded by snarling demons.


Ji Fengyan did not feel any rage. Instead, she grinned.

“You have all come? This makes things so much more convenient.”

As Ji Fengyan spoke, she abruptly smeared some of her blood onto her evil-vanquishing sword. Just as the demons pounced, she kicked off lightly and flew up into the sky!

Ji Fengyan had stuck a flying talisman onto herself as she jumped up. She then affixed a feather talisman on her body, so that her landing speed would be greatly slowed down. From there, she could have a clear vantage point of the entire battlefield.

Only from this high angle could one see the blade marks left on the ground by Ji Fengyan during the battle earlier. The marks could be stringed together and viewed as one huge talisman imprinted on the earth!

At that moment, Ji Fengyan gripped her bloodstained evil-vanquishing sword and slashed her own wrist. A huge spurt of blood gushed from her wound onto the earth, instantly absorbed by the soil.

“With my blood, I summon the dragon god to this earth. I pledge my soul in sacrifice to you!”

Her steady and unusually solemn tone circulated across the air.

As her last words sounded out, the huge talisman on the ground emitted a strong, dazzling light!

A brilliant beam shot straight from the sky to the earth!

A prodigious dragon gradually appeared from amongst all that radiance.

A god-summoning talisman.

This was one of the ultimate moves for immortal cultivators. Ji Fengyan’s master had previously summoned the five-clawed golden dragon; and she could still clearly remember the day that massive beast spiraled down from the sky. How majestic and commanding was that long, serpentine body!

Ji Fengyan stared steadfastly at that tremendous figure in that dazzling beam. One could vaguely make out shiny, golden scales within that blazing light.

Powerful dragon claws stepped onto the ground, sharp as blades.


The dragon roared, the forceful cry piercing the eardrums of the demons. Under the dominating power of the dragon, the demons writhed in fear on the ground.

In the blink of an eye, a pair of massive wings burst through the shaft of light. An enormous head with reptilian pupils gradually emerged into Ji Fengyan’s line of sight.


Ji Fengyan was stunned.

The god-summoning talisman had mustered an over seven-meter tall dragon. It was colossal—with a muscular, sturdy body, as well as mighty claws and fangs. A pair of blazing wings shone like fire.

Its ferocity was peerless.


Something felt… not quite right.

Ji Fengyan slowly descended beside a nearby tree. Unsmiling, she eyed that fearsome giant dragon.

Where was the five-clawed golden dragon?

Ji Fengyan nearly fainted, seeing this humongous beast.

She had intended to summon an eastern dragon god. But somehow… she ended up rallying a western giant dragon.

The giant dragon also held a blank expression on its face. It looked at the trembling demons beneath and then at the one who summoned him—Ji Fengyan.

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