Chapter 432 - It’s Easier to Summon a God Than to Send It Away (1)

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Chapter 432: It’s Easier to Summon a God Than to Send It Away (1)

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“Was it you who summoned me?” The golden giant dragon gazed at Ji Fengyan. A hot gust of air accompanied its grave voice.

Ji Fengyan, “…”

Would it devour her if she admitted that she hadn’t intended to summon it?

The giant dragon narrowed its eyes. “If you have a voice, tell me. Are you going to repay me after I resolve your problems?”

Ji Fengyan nodded without a word.

It was common knowledge for users of god-summoning talismans. When an immortal cultivator enters a short-term contract with spiritual beings and powerful creatures, they must use their vital energy to create a spiritual soul as compensation for the services rendered.

She had a good idea what that giant dragon was talking about.

“What request do you have?” The massive beast asked.

Ji Fengyan took a deep breath.

Now that she had summoned this giant dragon, she might as well go on with it. Although it was not quite what she expected… it still looked pretty powerful.

“Could you please help me get rid of these demons?”

Hearing her request, the giant dragon turned its head toward the quivering demons in the surroundings. A shred of doubt floated in its eyes.

“You want me to get rid of these weak insects?” Its voice held a strange lilt to it.

“Yes,” Ji Fengyan said.

“Okay.” Seeing her resolve, the giant dragon didn’t question further but moved its massive feet as it walked. Hunkered in fear on the ground, the demons had no time to dodge before it crushed them into a meat paste.

The giant dragon’s mighty wings flapped lightly, but even this slow movement created huge gales of wind barreling across the entire earth. Ji Fengyan would have been blown off if she had not been hugging tightly onto a thick tree branch.

The giant dragon’s claws floated a little off the ground. It suddenly opened its enormous jaws and spewed out a torrent of raging flames, instantly torching the surrounding grounds!

Within seconds, the demons circling Ji Fengyan were all engulfed in fire. They shrieked at the blazing heat. The whole area had turned into a violent inferno.

Ji Fengyan stared at the sea of fire with startled eyes. She looked at the struggling demons as they were burnt to ashes by the flames.

Completely defenseless.

This immense power calmed Ji Fengyan down.

It must be said that this otherworldly giant dragon had good combat powers. Although not as impressive as the five-clawed golden dragon’s weather-controlling abilities, it could still kill off all these low-level demons within seconds.

Surrounded by the dragon’s flames, the demons had nowhere to escape. They were all burnt to a crisp in a short while; none managed to get away.

After they incinerated the last demon, the giant dragon slowly landed on the ground. The earth shook as its four feet contacted the floor.

The huge beast inhaled, sucking in all the fire back into its lungs, leaving behind only a scorched ground and piles of ashes.

“Now, I have fulfilled your request.” The giant dragon surveyed the battlegrounds before looking toward Ji Fengyan. To the dragon, all that was as easy as breathing. “Hand over my compensation.”

Feeling rueful over the dragon’s “pragmatic” manner, Ji Fengyan obediently used her vital energy to create a spiritual soul. She offered a palm-sized ball of light to the giant dragon.


“What is that?”

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