Chapter 434 - It’s Easier to Summon a God Than to Send It Away (3)

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Chapter 434: It’s Easier to Summon a God Than to Send It Away (3)

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To hell you would wait!

That rapacious giant dragon nearly infuriated Ji Fengyan to death.

On the other side, the escaped youths fled to a distance. Having lost the pursuing demons, they came to a gradual halt.

Suddenly, they felt a powerful gust of air coming up from behind them as the ground beneath their feet shook. Everyone sensed an uneasy premonition.

“I want to go back.” A youth from the red team wiped his face. Gazing in the direction of their escape, he saw a faint cloud of smoke rising, making him feel extremely worried.

“I’ll go back with you. We can’t let Fengyan face those demons alone.” The other youth was also resolute.

This return trip was a definite death sentence.

Life awaited them in the way ahead, while death beckoned from behind.

The two guys exchanged looks. They immediately turned around to head back the way they came from when…

Over a dozen youths followed them.

Both of them were stunned.

“The two of you are right. We have been under Ji Fengyan’s constant protection this entire journey. Now, we cannot leave her to die just for our own survival. We would never be able to live with ourselves for the rest of our days,” One youth said in all seriousness.

“We are not burdens; we are schoolmates. We will also be battle comrades in the future.”

It was a human instinct to be fearful of death. But… they couldn’t do something so heartless just for the sake of their own survival.

At this moment, they conquered their fear of death and turned back with the red team to fight side by side with Ji Fengyan. This was their final dignity as human beings.

Without any hesitation, the dozen over youths retraced their steps.

Only Zhou Bugui was left standing in a daze. He stared at the group running toward certain death.

“Idiots, all just a bunch of idiots.” Zhou Bugui cursed viciously as he continued his way out of the forest.

Ji Fengyan had stayed back willingly. They had already escaped—why head back now just to die?

“If you guys want to die, that’s your own business. I am not willing to die with you all.” Zhou Bugui dragged his tired body as he continued to run desperately forward.

Meanwhile, the bunch of youths were rushing in the opposite direction.

This choice laid the unbreakable foundation for everything in the future.

The two youths of the red team led the group back in the direction they came from. They gritted their teeth as they forged ahead, fearing that they would be too late…

As they neared their destination, they discovered that the lush forest had been turned into a burnt and barren expanse of land.

The ground was charcoal black.

A sense of foreboding rose in everybody’s hearts. Their heads felt like it would explode.

At that instant, they noticed a massive figure blocking their line of sight.

That colossal, golden-colored body was like a huge mountain, completely fear-inducing.

“To hell with it, we are fighting to the death with those demons!” This shout by one of the youths rallied everyone toward that enormous creature.


Just as they reached the back of that huge figure, a person suddenly popped her head from behind that creature.

“Why have you all come back?” Ji Fengyan stared in astonishment at the youths. Why in the world did this rascally bunch return?

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