Chapter 436 - Taken Aback (1)

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Chapter 436: Taken Aback (1)

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The groan full of dissatisfaction made the young men instantly on their guards and they crawled quickly onto the back of the huge dragon.

When they were on the dragon’s back, they still had a look of disbelief.

It was as if everything…

Was like a dream!

All the young men sat on the back of the ancient dragon and they could feel the smooth and tough dragon scales under their feet. But they did not dare to step on the scales and lay on the dragon’s back. It was their first time having such “close contact” with dragon scales.

The dragon’s wings started to flap slowly and created a wind current. Everyone who had experienced a treacherous ordeal rose into the air with the dragon and flew out of the forest that was lurking with danger.

Outside of the forest, Liu Kai, while seated on a huge Shijiu and panting heavily, did not forget to rush his mentor who was ahead of him.

“Mentor, please be faster.” Liu Kai’s face was ghastly, but he was still holding tightly to Ji Fengyan’s sword.

With the Shijiu in the lead, there were 10 other mounts following behind. On each of the mount, there were two institution guards who were in their full armour.

That midnight, Liu Kai finally made his way back to the institution and immediately reported the incidents that had happened in the forest to the capital institute’s mentor. While it was still nighttime, the institute immediately sent men to rush to the forest for a rescue mission.

The school of terminators’ students had entered the forest for training and had actually been attacked by demons, in particular high level demons—this was such a nerve-wrecking piece of news.

Not only were all the mentors from the school of terminators activated, even the few experienced terminators from the institute were also gathered.

Qin Muyao was one of the people on the Shijiu.

“It’s already the fastest.” the mentor carrying Liu Kai had a serious look on his face as he tried continuously to make the Shijiu speed up.

If all 10 over terminators were to die here, even if the Emperor did not punish them for the sake of the institute director, the nation’s grand tutor would also be enraged!

All the Shijiu’s flew together towards in the same direction.

And when they were about to land, they could see a huge flying object flying towards them from a distance away.

“What is that?!” the leading mentor looked in shock at the unknown creature that was glowing with light. Even though it was far away, he could still tell that the size of that creature was extremely huge.

While it was still a distance away, the 10 over Shijius that were brought from the capital institute had suddenly slowed down and gave out a cry, as if they had sensed danger.

“Everyone get ready! It may be a high level demon.” the leading mentor could feel cold sweat flowing down his forehead. With such a big size, if that creature was indeed a demon, it would be at least a level seven or even higher grade demon. A demon with a grade higher than seven was powerful enough to destroy an entire army of fully armoured soldiers!

The young man who was sharing the same mount as Qin Muyao was also an experienced terminator. After seeing that unknown creature, he started to mutter.

“Damn it, what bad luck does this batch of newcomers have—they had actually attracted so many demons. When we encountered demons in the forest previously, they were only some low grade ones.”

Qin Muyao, who was sitting behind him, frowned but he did not say anything. He only looked at the unknown creature that was gradually approaching them and he narrowed his eyes while being on his guard.

Just when both parties were getting closer, everyone from the school of terminators who were on their guards were completely stunned when they saw the unknown creature clearly.

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