Chapter 437 - Taken Aback (2)

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Chapter 437: Taken Aback (2)

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“It’s Fengyan! It’s Ji Fengyan!” when Liu Kai saw the figure standing on the dragon’s back, he slapped his mentor’s back excitedly.

His mentor’s shoulders were already bruised from his hits but he could not be bothered about the pain as his eyes had almost dropped out of his eye sockets from staring too hard.

It was an ancient dragon!

It really was an ancient dragon!

The aura that the huge creature gave out while flying in mid air made all the Shijius stop in their flight.

It stunned all the people who had rushed over from the school of terminators. They had expected a bloody fight to rescue them and had not expected such a shocking sight.

Ji Fengyan was standing on the back of the huge dragon. From a distance, she could already see the 10 over Shijius gathering as a group. On the back of the leading Shijiu, Liu Kai was still wearing his world-termination-armour as he waved his hands wildly and excitedly at Ji Fengyan.

When the dragon flew to the boundary of the forest, Ji Fengyan commanded it to land.

The arrogant dragon grunted but still landed well-behaved. When its four claws landed on the ground, the ground quaked.

The Shijius from the school of terminators all landed soon after. Liu Kai was the first to jump off the mount and run.

“Fengyan, are you guys alright?” Liu Kai looked at Ji Fengyan and the other two young men from the red team agitatedly. In his anxiety, his lips had already turned pale from holding in his emotions.

“We are fine.” Ji Fengyan said plainly.

The mentors from the school of terminators hesitantly got off the Shijiu. The magnificent and arrogant ancient dragon before their eyes was like a dream as it attracted everyone’s attention, especially with its dragon scales shining under the sunlight.

The dragon glanced coldly at all the idiotic humans as it raised its chin proudly.

After Liu Kai ensured that Ji Fengyan and the rest were all fine, he fell to the ground instantly and huge beads of tears streamed down his face.

“I’m so glad you’re all fine…” After all, Liu Kai was only a young man. The huge impact brought about by this near death bloody battle caused him to be able to let down his guards after everything had finally ended.

With Liu Kai crying, many other young men started to tear up. It was unsure whether it was because of the relief they had felt from surviving, or that they were letting go of the frightened emotions from the past few days.

Within moments, everyone was crying.

Ji Fengyan looked at this bunch of children who burst out in cries, not knowing to cry or laugh. She could only shake her head with silent laughter.

The mentors from the school of terminators snapped out of their daze after a while. After they stared at the dragon without moving, they then slowly approached it with a lingering fear. They observed its reaction for a while and after they made sure that it did not intend to attack them, they then walked to Ji Fengyan’s side.

“This time… it has been hard on you. We had completely not expected such an incident, fortunately all of you are back safely.” the mentor expressed their gratitude earnestly. On the way, they had already heard about everything from Liu Kai. They were already aware that all these young men were able to survive until now because of this normally unnoticeable young girl before them.

Ji Fengyan smiled and did not say anything. After all, the capital institute had to clear all this mess after such a huge incident, and it was definitely not going to be easy.

The mentor continued to nag at Ji Fengyan as his eyes glanced at the ancient dragon at the side frequently.

The other people who had followed also recovered from their daze. They carefully lifted all the half dying young men from the back of the ancient dragon.

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