Chapter 438 - Taken Aback (3)

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Chapter 438: Taken Aback (3)

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When they lifted the people down, they also pretended to touch the dragon’s body accidentally. When they touched it, their eyes were so excited that it seemed to spill fire.

An ancient dragon!

It was really an ancient dragon!

Mighty, domineering and warm…

The ancient dragon that was surrounded by everyone felt even more strongly about human’s stupidity. It lay on the ground leisurely with an almighty posture.

There were a total of 16 young men who had participated in this battle simulation. Currently, there were only 15 of them had escaped from the forest. After the mentor counted, they thought that one of them had died in the battle, but it was then told that he had actually run away during the battle and was most likely still struggling to escape from the forest now.

Even though the mentors did not express it, they all felt displeased with Zhou Bugui’s behaviour of abandoning his battle mates and escaping on his own.

Despite everyone surviving the ordeal, the situation was extremely bad. They could only rush back to the capital institute to settle the remaining issues.

With Liu Kai and the rest’s injuries, it was unlikely for them to return on the mounts themselves. Thus, the mentors could only look at Ji Fengyan with an awkward face that had almost meant “please help”.

Ji Fengyan looked up at the arrogant ancient dragon and poked at its claws.

“Humph, humans are just this troublesome.” After she said that, the ancient dragon swept it huge tail and immediately lifted all the young men who were lifted off its back onto its back again. At the same time, it also lifted a few mentors up.

The mentors who were lifted onto the dragon’s back could only feel their body frozen as they looked at the experienced terminators and said with a serious tone, “You guys can ride all the mount’s back.”

It obviously showed their unwillingness to get down.

The experienced terminators who were unable to have any contact with the dragon could only return to the Shijiu grumpily. Liu Kai and the others’ mounts were also summoned. Before they left, they still did not see Zhou Bugui returning from the forest, so they left two mentors and two mounts before the rest of them returned to the capital institute.

With a grand troop of people leaving the forest, the leading ancient dragon was flying the fastest and had already left the Shijiu far behind very soon.

“Uh… can you make Master Dragon fly slower?” the mentor sitting on the dragon’s back told Ji Fengyan cautiously.

Ji Fengyan agreed and kicked the dragon’s back.

“Slow down.”


All the mentors watched nervously, but they realised that…

The dragon had indeed slowed down.

“Was this batch of students this great? They had actually attained an ancient dragon as their mount?” one of the mentor who was unaware of the situation asked the mentor that had taught battle in flight.

That mentor’s mouth twitched but he could only feel his mind collapsing.

He could clearly remember that when Ji Fengyan had brought a mount previously, it was a flying sword. Now where did this ancient dragon come from?

The experienced terminators following after them could only watch with envy at the magnificent ancient dragon in front of them while they rode the Shijiu. They had even almost drooled from envy.

“Muyao, who do you think this ancient dragon belongs to? Who’s this powerful? To be able to control such a legendary creature? Don’t tell me it’s that young brat?” the young man who was carrying Qin Muyao was filled with envy.

Qin Muyao’s eyes looked straight at the slender figure on the dragon’s back.

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