Chapter 44 - Kneel Properly, Don’t Lie Down

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Chapter 44: Kneel Properly, Don’t Lie Down

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Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly, completely ignoring the store owner’s astonished gaze, and smiled while looking straight at that piece of pure coloured dream stone.

The store owner noticed Ji Fengyan’s glance and his heart suddenly shook. He instinctively blocked the dream stone from her view, and said angrily with a frown, “this customer, this is not a place you should be at, please leave at this moment, otherwise I shall not be kind to you.”

“Not be kind?” Ji Fengyan laughed softly. Not only did she not have any intention to leave, she also pulled a chair and immediately took a seat at the entrance. She left her legs poised in the air, crossed her arms, and relaxedly looked at the store owner whose face paled, and said, “You took my stone, and pulled your tricks during the bet, yet you still want to be rude to me? I would like to see if you really have this capability.”

Ji Fengyan’s arrogant words made the store owner’s expression more and more unpleasant. He sized up Ji Fengyan all over—the young girl in front of him had a petite figure, plain clothes, and no matter how he scrutinised her, she did not seem like someone with strong backing—thus he was immediately more confident.

“This customer, what you say should be based on evidence, you cannot simply make slanderous accusations like this. This place is a place for business. How could you say I have pulled some tricks during the bet? If you will make such irresponsible remarks, I will shout for other people,” the store owner said coldly.

Ji Fengyan slightly shrugged her shoulders. “I do not have any evidence, but… I usually do not like to waste my breath on people like you.”

The store owner frowned and thought that this young girl was trying to create problems for him. Pocketing the stone was a common thing in his store, but no one had ever dared to look for him. Additionally, Ji Fengyan had offended Su Lingsheng and Lei Min previously, so the store owner completely did not concern himself with her. He immediately walked out of the door and opened his mouth to prepare to shout for his employees to kick Ji Fengyan out.

But after the store owner only took two steps, Ji Fengyan, while smiling, took out a palm-sized big paper man from her chest pocket. Before the store owner could even react, that piece of thin paper man quickly flew out of Ji Fengyan’s hands and stuck to the back of the store owner.

Just in an instant, the store owner who had already walked to the entrance suddenly could not move and his slightly lifted arms froze in midair. His eyes widened in disbelief and he looked at Ji Fengyan dumbstruck. As if someone choked his throat, he could not utter a word.

Ji Fengyan lazily sat on the chair and smiled even wider as she looked at the store owner rooted to the ground.

“I’m so sorry, someone like me… has quite an eccentric temperament. It’s fine if others do not bother me but if they really irritated me, then my tolerance is very low and I usually won’t repay a grudge with kindness,” Ji Fengyan spoke with a smile. Under the store owner’s dumbfounded gaze, she lifted her hands a little and drew a circle in front of him using her fair fingertips. The store owner, who was previously rooted in his original position, suddenly moved uncontrollably. He stiffly took a step back before plopping to the ground and kneeling upright in front of Ji Fengyan!

The kneel was not perfunctory, but with the full force of his knees hitting the ground, the store owner felt like his knees were almost crushed from the impact!

While feeling extreme shock and pain, beads of sweat instantly streamed down the store owner’s narrow forehead and an unseen fear wrapped him completely. The sight before him unknowingly made him think of the baffling image where Su Lingsheng was suddenly kneeling in front of everyone!

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