Chapter 440 - A Shocking Entrance (2)

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Chapter 440: A Shocking Entrance (2)

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Ji Fengyan’s injuries were comparably the lightest. She did not use the world-termination-armour and was the only one who could communicate perfectly well with the ancient dragon, so she was asked to “take care” of it.

The ancient dragon moved its head as it saw the young men being carried away from its back. It took a breath through its nose, then looked at Ji Fengyan, who was leaning on its tail to rest.

“The place that you humans have is too small. I can’t even extend my feet.”

Ji Fengyan glanced at the ancient dragon and said fearlessly, “then you can stay in the forest.”

The ancient dragon gave out a warm breath. “I refuse. Before I get my fair share of reward, I will not leave.”

“Oh, then you can continue to curl up here.” Ji Fengyan touched her nails and seemed indifferent.

The ancient dragon grunted and then lay down without moving.


The boring conversation between Ji Fengyan and the ancient dragon made the other young men stunned.

“Oh my god, that person was actually talking to the ancient dragon!”

“Oh my god, it is really an ancient dragon? Quickly hold on to me…”

Junze pushed Xi Sinong, who was unable to move freely, and with his mouth biting onto a piece of dried meat, he tried to push through the crowd unsteadily to check out the situation. In the end, when both of them finally squeezed their way out of the crowd, they only saw… Ji Fengyan was bickering with an ancient dragon.


The dried meat in Junze’s mouth dropped onto Xi Sinong’s knee. Xi Sinong snapped out from his shock and looked at the dried meat on his knee, then at Junze speechlessly.

“Ji Fengyan?”

Ji Fengyan suddenly heard a surprised call for her while she was still despising the ancient dragon for its childishness. She turned around to see Junze eagerly pushing Xi Sinong towards her.

“Why are you here?” Ji Fengyan was puzzled. If she had not recalled wrongly, one of them was allocated to the school of pharmacy, whereas the other was assigned to the school of gold cultivation, so how were they together?

“The entire school was in an uproar and everyone had already come to watch. They said that it was some ancient dragon, and I did not think that it was true, who knew that…” Ji Fengyan looked at the ancient dragon behind Ji Fengyan and was amazed. “It was still alive?”

After Junze said this…

A dark shadow suddenly covered the top of his head. He instinctively looked up.


He was immediately trapped to the ground by the ancient dragon’s tail.

Xi Sinong and Ji Fengyan were at a loss for words, and the young men who had gathered to watch instantly became silent.

The giant dragon moved away its tail. Junze was slapped to the ground with half his face in the mud. Luckily, its tail was not heavy and was only a light punishment for Junze for his inappropriate words.

“Pull… pull me… up for a bit…” Junze raised his hands pathetically.

Ji Fengyan silently lifted him up. Xi Sinong, who was at the side, could not help but burst out into laughter upon seeing Junze’s state. His fair and clean face was even more beautiful than a young lady’s.

Junze looked grudgingly at the pretty ancient dragon but did not dare to say anything else.

At this moment, the two mentors that were left waiting outside the forest had returned with the almost dying Zhou Bugui. They found a spot on the field in the school of terminators to stop. When Zhou Bugui was carried down from the mount and saw the huge creature before him, he immediately took in a deep breath.

“Ancient… ancient dragon…”

Those two mentors said gloatingly, “All this batch of students were brought back by the ancient dragon.”

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