Chapter 442 - A Deliberate Accident (1)

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Chapter 442: A Deliberate Accident (1)

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At that moment, Liu Ruse knocked on Ji Fengyan’s door. When she entered, Liu Ruse saw that Ji Fengyan’s small face was slightly pale and she frowned.

“I heard that your training was very dangerous. Are you… all right?” Liu Ruse looked at Ji Fengyan worriedly.

Ji Fengyan shrugged. “I’m not too bad compared to those hooligans lying in the hospital.”

Ji Fengyan’s reply amused Liu Ruse. She placed some medications she had brought in Ji Fengyan’s room.

“I know your elixirs are more effective than medicines, but with some things, it is better to be well prepared.” Liu Ruse sighed as she spoke. “I didn’t attend the battle simulation…”

Ji Fengyan suddenly asked, “Is it because of Qin Muyao?”

Liu Ruse was slightly aback, but then she gave a soft smile and nodded.

“He was too worried about me to allow me to attend this kind of training.”

“You are too unsuitable. I had no idea at first that you were also a Terminator.” Ji Fengyan looked at Liu Ruse. When she had first seen Liu Ruse, she was extremely frail. Who would have guessed that this weak and delicate girl was actually a Terminator?

The corners of Liu Ruse’s lips showed a hint of a wry smile.

“I was not originally considered as a Terminator. But the Liu family’s previous Terminator died on the battlefield and the successor is only three years-old and is still too young, so… I am a temporary substitute for the original successor.” Liu Ruse spoke helplessly. She held up Ji Fengyan’s hand to examine the horrifying wounds on Ji Fengyan’s slender arm. She only frowned slightly then began to wash Ji Fengyan’s wounds and apply fresh medicines with practiced hands.

“My previous illness was because I suddenly took on the World-Termination-Armour. Good thing I met you.”

“No wonder. I felt that your body’s condition was very odd.” Ji Fengyan nodded thoughtfully.

As the two of them were conversing, there was a knock on Ji Fengyan’s room door. Ji Fengyan stood to open the door, but when she saw who was standing at the door, she could not help but raise her eyebrows.

“Are you looking for Ruse?”

Qin Muyao stood at Ji Fengyan’s door. When he heard Ji Fengyan’s question, he naturally looked at Liu Ruse who was sitting in Ji Fengyan’s room, and clearly understood the situation.

“I came to look for you.” Qin Muyao’s gaze fell on Ji Fengyan as he spoke.

Ji Fengyan allowed him to enter. From the moment Qin Muyao entered the room, Liu Ruse did not lift her head at all. Qin Muyao only glanced at Liu Ruse once, but did not speak to her. He only looked at Ji Fengyan.

“The accident that you had was not entirely an accident.” The moment Qin Muyao spoke, he startled his audience.

“What do you mean?” Ji Fengyan asked.

Qin Muyao said, “Every batch of new students that enters the school of terminators is sent to the forest for the battle simulation. You are already clear about the general rules of the battle, but there is one thing the tutors won’t tell you in advance.”

“What’s that?”

“They already knew that there are demons in the forest, in fact… they released the demons themselves.” Qin Muyao spoke coldly.

Ji Fengyan’s eyes widened slightly.

“The demons in the forest were placed there by the school? Isn’t that taking a joke too far?”

Qin Muyao continued, “After this incident, you should be aware that the youths in your batch cannot be considered real Terminators. That’s why the school placed the demons in the forest—to speed up their understanding of what Terminators should be.”

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