Chapter 444 - A Deliberate Accident (3)

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Chapter 444: A Deliberate Accident (3)

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Ji Fengyan’s answer took Qin Muyao aback. An almost imperceptible look of disappointment flashed across his eyes. He dropped his gaze and said, “In that case, I hope you are someone who keeps her word.”

With that, Qin Muyao stood up and prepared to leave. Just before he left, he glanced at Liu Ruse, hinting that she should go with him.

Liu Ruse waved goodbye to Ji Fengyan and caught up with Qin Muyao. It was not until they had left the room that Liu Ruse, who had been following Qin Muyao, asked softly, “Brother, do you think… Fengyan knows?”

Qin Muyao’s steps paused. “I’m not certain.”

Liu Ruse did not ask any further and the two of them departed together.

Indeed, on the second day, Ji Fengyan was invited to speak to the director of the capital institute. Most of his questions were about the demons that had appeared in the forest. Ji Fengyan concealed the incidents in which she had conjured soldiers from beans and summoned an ancient dragon, but recounted the rest clearly. After he had finished listening, the institute director looked very grave. He praised Ji Fengyan for her courage and resourcefulness, then let her go.

Ji Fengyan had originally intended to check on Liu Kai and the others, but was told that the school of terminator’s medical center was separate from the other schools’ medical centers. It was built independently and no one was allowed to enter without the permission of the institute director or the school director. Ji Fengyan had no choice but to give up her plans.

Somehow, Ji Fengyan sensed something peculiar about the entire school of terminators, but she just could not put her finger on it.

Ji Fengyan seized her last few opportunities to rest. She recuperated from her wounds and also made use of the superior environment of the capital institute to absorb spiritual energy and recover her inner core. This time, she had depleted much of her inner core.

After she had rested, she and Liu Ruse were bundled together and dumped with the senior students in the school of terminators.

Coincidentally, it was the same batch that Qin Muyao was in.

It was just that…

The first day that they reported, Ji Fengyan felt as if she was being furiously bombarded.

“Ji Fengyan? So it’s you. Was it you who rode that ancient dragon? That’s just so cool!”

“Fengyan, shall we go and feed our mounts together after class? I have some superior thigh meat with me…”

The eyes of the youths glowed when they saw Ji Fengyan and they babbled on, trying to find a way to get close to Ji Fengyan.


Ji Fengyan did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Surely all this was on account of that greedy dragon?

What would they think if they knew that every night, the ancient dragon would silently creep up to the hostel where Ji Fengyan was staying, and use its sharp claw to knock persistently on Ji Fengyan’s window until she stuffed a piece of gold or a precious stone in its claw? Then only would it be willing to leave.

Would it shatter their fantasies?

After all, anyone who saw a huge dragon’s eye blocking their window every night, in the dead of the night, would have a breakdown.

The tutors looked at the scene of bombardment and had no choice but to allow everyone time to settle down. Liu Ruse then dragged Ji Fengyan to the back of the classroom to sit.

The senior class was being taught things that were more complicated and more practical than what Ji Fengyan had heard before. From the special effects that the World-Termination-Armour could achieve in actual combat, to the distinguishing features of the various demons, these were all taught in detail. Ji Fengyan listened carefully and compared what the tutor said to what she had experienced in her previous battle with the demons.

The minutes ticked by. The moment class was over, a group of people dragged Ji Fengyan over to the place where the mounts were kept. A group of hot-blooded youths “cruelly gathered to watch” the ancient dragon.

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